Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer.

Images via tumblr and gamiori.com

Ahh, Spring is finally here and I am just ecstatic because it means Summer is just around the corner. Even though I do love Spring, I love Summer a lot more. Summer means long days at the beach wearing sheer tops, shorts, lace dresses and beautiful maxis and who doesn't love that. Hopefully the weather in Spring stays in the 80s, like today, so I can go to the beach now and don't have to wait until May. Honestly, I talk about Summer right after it's over and than keep on talking about it until it comes back. Some of my best memories are of Summer with friends, family, beaches, barbeques and road-trips. =) I took last Summer for granted and took classes for the Summer quarter and worked as well, but I vowed this year would be different. I plan to make this one the best one yet. Who else is excited for summer?


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  1. ahh these times of spring and summer are short, enjoy, and awesome photos, they put me in the mood