My Lucky Heels.

I know!! They're beautiful and mine!!! I was, as per usual, browsing on Zara's website wishing everything on their website was mine. When I saw these heels I literally gasped! They were magnificent! Neon and animal print, come on...how could I resist?! I had to have them. Literally after I ordered them they were sold out. I got lucky! I did return this other pair of heels though to justify myself buying these...soooo worth it!!! I know that was a ridiculous amount of exclamation points, but I'm just so excited I own these!! Forever!!!



A pastel Spring.

 The weather has been really nice and screaming that it's Spring. I've packed my Winter clothes away and added pastels to my wardrobe. These sweaters are the perfect Spring sweaters; not too heavy and so cute! Don't you just love the owl pin?! 



nyfw. day 6. part 1.

Jenny Packham
A collection with a point of view, but a minor detail - the choice of fabric, color-combination, or the print would make a good outifit, just meh. These were my favorites.

The Row
Before I talk about the good, I'll talk about the bad. I don't like the sandals. I love flats and I love sandals, just not these...especially because I have wide feet - don't need to emphasize that part. I even liked two other looks that I just couldn't put in here because the sandals bothered me so much. The last one is the only exception and that's only because there's a feaking' fur bib on the shirt. Yeah, let that sink in. I just loved that detail. As you can tell I pretty much liked the use of fur in this collection and even though it's real fur (I'm such a hypocrite though because when it's fur, I get kind of like oooh, I don't know, but then when it's leather - what?! Leather comes from animals, what are you talking about? It's so bad and I try, but...yeah.) I can get behind the design details. Hopefully you followed that abomination of a sentence.

By now you know me and my love of color, but I think I love the basics just as much, especially because this collection was pretty much monochromatic and it heightened the simplicity even more and brought out those awesome details, like the fur bib - not going to get over it. Also guys, Full House. Can't help but think of the Olsen sisters as cute little tiny babies sometimes. They have come so far.

Rachel Roy
I was a bit underwhelmed by this collection...maybe because it's Rachel Roy. I just expected something a lot of more exciting because I love her work. These were pretty much my favorites.

The amount of love I have for this collection is indescribable, but I'm going to try anyway. I would have put the whole collection on here, but you were saved by my laziness. I still ended up saving sixteen pictures. All the looks are just so wearable, like 'ready-to-wear' right from the runway. You just rolled your eyes at my lame pun didn't you? Anyway, back to the collection. Holy mother of batman, the prints are amazing, the colors are perfect and even the fabrics are perfect. I call it sleek femininity. Also, click on the image for a larger pictures or go to style.com, or nytimes.com (wherever you can find the largest images), so you can truly admire the beauty.

Theyskens' Theory
Like the cropped jacket.
Sheer skirts, yes.

Ohne Titel
images courtesy style.com

Some really stand out pieces, like the zippered sweater. I liked how it seemed like the models were cocooned in the clothing, especially because I'm really cold right now... even though I have three layers on, and I'm in California and it's only 61 degrees. Yeah sometimes I wonder about myself.



nyfw. day 5. part 2.

Tracy Reese
The color is fantastic, and the coat has a peplum!!
You'll sense a theme in this post: I love color! and I love texture! For Reese's collection it was all about the bold colors, there were fiery oranges and bright yellows and purples. A few of the super bold colored pieces were in satin; I'm not a big fan of it - while I love the weave and would love to wear it inside out (and I've seen a designer do that), it just doesn't do it for me. But other than that I really enjoyed the collection and those adorable trucker hats. Oh on a side note, the last dress can totally be used as an Indian outfit with a churidar. 

Diane von Furstenberg
These colors! Those gloves!
This is just so much fun.
This collection is elegance personified, but not boring (if that's what you think about elegance). Also, yeh for color-blocking continuing into Fall.

This coat. My closet.
When I was looking at this collection, the song "I'm Sexy and I know it" was playing in my head. Not in a funny way, although I did laugh out loud for a minute there. But this collection was sexy to me, not in the obvious sense but it just really gave me that feeling. After I had saved my favorite pictures, I read the review and it said that he was inspired by "Ed and Nancy Kienholz's installation re-creating Amsterdam's red-light district, The Hoerengracht." So props to Mr. Panichgul for getting that inspiration across to me because sometimes it just doesn't happen.

A Détacher
This collection. Easy chic. Even if I never say the words easy chic in real life.

Timo Weiland
Screams 90s and the 90s were good to me and you know also Buffy would totally wear a shorter version of this last dress and probably did.

Custo Barcelona
images courtesy style.com

Okay, so this. I'm not really sure where to begin. Okay, I'm not this person...the person who would wear this stuff, even the imaginary version of myself doesn't wear this stuff. But, I didn't know what I was missing. This collection just gave another persona to add to my list of personas that I'd like to be in the hopefully near future where I have money and I live in a city and work in, like for real 'in', fashion. I just wanted all these pieces on my bed and wanted to roll around them and laugh like a maniac. Yeah, so there's that. And of course I imagined it and am now currently imagining it again. I wanna want to be a Custo Barcelona girl young woman girl. Sounds better.