My dream is done. I'm still in love.

Sweater: Vintage, Shorts: Forever 21, Flats: Urban Outfitters

The weather has yet to fall to temperatures that I've been hoping for, but I'll take this semi-windy weather. I finally get to debut my new sweater and flats! The sweater has the perfect amount of grandma feel to it for my liking. I love electric blue, so when I saw these flats on sale at Urban I knew I had to have them and the ankle strap was the whipped cream on the sundae. 

My current music crush is Wildchild. If you are a fan of She and Him (like me!) then you will  love this band. If you want to immerse yourself in a song and never come back then it has to be their song Pillow Talk. I grabbed my headphones and laid under this warm October sun and turned this song on and let it try and take my troubles fade away.  

Pillow Talk by WildChildSounds


Grandma sweater.

My first vintage find for this fine Fall. I couldn't have found a more perfect sweater; the thrifting elves were good to me this time! The beading of the sweater helps make it look more put together and less of a slouchy hobo sweater, not that I don't love a slouchy hobo sweater. I'm hoping I'll find more sweaters like this while thrifting and at the same price. I got this for $8. I think one of my favorite feelings is finding an amazing piece that doesn't hit double digits.



Halloween ideas.

Halloween is almost here and I still haven't decided on my costume. I have two ideas; the first one is a 90's punk witch, inspired by the film The Craft. I love this movie because first it's about witches and second it's about witches. =) The second idea is inspired by the new TV show Pan Am. I wanted to wear a Pan Am uniform, but since I don't feel like spending a lot of money I decided I'd just dress up in a 60's inspired clothing and be a Pan Am stewardess off-duty. I still don't know which one to go with. It's so hard to choose since I really love both ideas...help me decide!



Currently inspired by.

Photos via fashion gone vogue and vogue.com

The Isabel Marant Etoile Spring 2012 catalogue; street style shots of the most amazing women dressed to the T; and the Free People "Through the decades" book. 


Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2012.

Emma Watson or Sonam Kapoor
Amy Adams
                                                                      Anne Hathaway
Gwyneth Paltrow 

Vera Wang just presented her Bridal Collection for Fall 2012 this past Sunday. The silhouettes, ruffles, ruching with beautiful fabrics like chiffon, tulle and organza were just lovely. I know sometimes designers like to shake things up, but come on - BLACK for a wedding? I love black as much as the next person, actually probably more, but for a wedding I would assume a bride would want a happier color since it is supposed to be one of the happiest day of her life. The nude dresses on the other hand would be quite stunning for a wedding (on some people if styled correctly). Personally, I'd like to see these gowns on the red carpet rather than a wedding. I've listed the name of the celebrity underneath the gown I'd like them to wear.


Crown and Crumpet.

Photography: Bonnie Rae Mills, Styling: Ruak Styling, Makeup/Hair: Amy Lawson, Model: Amanda

Hi everyone! These are a few of the pictures from the latest shoot J and I styled. The pictures were taken at Crown & Crumpet. If you live in the Bay Area you might've heard of it; it's a Tea Room in Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco. Coincidentally, the owner was also in the same business as ours. She used to work for Ralph Lauren in London but then moved back to SF and opened this place up. You can just tell from the place that she has an eye for these things. She was so sweet and encouraging about everything! The shoot was definitely interesting, we got there before anyone else and had to wait quite a while. Finally, the owner, came and opened the place up and went to start the day and realized that the refrigerators had stopped working and much of the food had gone bad. She was on the phone the whole time we were preparing for the shoot. We wanted to help out, but there wasn't anything we could do. The place did end up opening for business. Oh and she made tea for us and it was delicious, as it was the 
last time we had it! 



Blue jeans.


I wanted to do a look with jeans since it's been a little while. We stopped by an empty lot which had a few trucks and I though it'd be fun if we took pictures with them. If I knew we were going to be taking pictures with the trucks, I would've tried to reenact one of my favorite Elle shoots with Erin Wasson, which was taken at a truck stop. We got a lot of looks from people passing by and not to mention people slowing down their cars. It's like they've never seen two girls climbing on trucks and taking photos. ;)


Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey by Radek Bayek


Trying to think just what is next.

Top:Forever 21, Skirt:Forever 21, Boots: Kelsi Dagger, Hat: Target

I have had Knees by Peter and Kerry on repeat for the past three hours now. It's a type of song that makes you daydream about the past, joyful and the not so joyful, events.  The song is invigorating in a strange way. Peter's voice is spellbinding so it makes it tough to stop listening to. What makes the song so great is the lack of numerous instruments, so the focus is on the vocals. Since this song is so mesmerizing, I strongly recommend not listening to this when you're doing your homework, working, or anything that requires your undivided attention. 


Peter and Kerry - Knees by Tape Club Records