About a young woman.

It's good to do the unexpected once in a while. We generally stick to personal-style shots or our quirky, random stories...but every once in a while we'll do something like this. That way you can get to know more about us - our dreams, hopes, inspirations and people we admire.

Today we'll talk about a young-woman, not too much older or younger than us, her name is Sonam Kapoor. She's an Indian actor, but more importantly, she cares about fashion. It's sad, but the thing is there aren't a lot of Indian actors, both male and female, who we look up to because of their fashion sense. They'll get it right sometimes, but mostly it ends in disappointment. One-half is stuck trying to be glamorous, read very 'blingy' and over-the-top...or trying to look younger than they are. The other half is trying to look serious, read somber looking - only wearing traditional Indian clothing. Needless to say very frustrating, but one of the many reasons J and I want to become the next Rachel Zoes (we LOVE her) of India.

Anyway, so it just didn't happen for so many years. You can't imagine the amount of conversations, filled with frustration, that surrounded this subject. But, we finally encountered a Bollywood celebrity with a fashion-sense all her own. She doesn't wear the same designers to every event or give you what you expect. The thing is, we love it when people have a distinct style of their own and the only people who had managed to impress us, from that part of the world, so far were from our parents' generation.

Sonam came and created a place for herself that no one had dared to touch - a tad bit dramatic you say, nope. This is serious business people. She has style! Does she get it right every single time? No. That's not the most important thing for us - well it is, but the more important thing is that she uses fashion for what we believe is fashion's purpose - to express yourself, not just any self, or some prescribed stereotype, but your best-self and hell sometimes even your worse self. Sonam is one of the very few people in Bollywood who can actually accessorize impeccably. She's using the best of both worlds -Indian/Western, which we love, and creating something of her own. 

There are other people we'll talk about, but why did we choose her to be the first? J and I are obviously impressed by her sense of style - and we hope her style continues to evolve as she does - and we really love Indian movies - see two, albeit similar, worlds meeting again, but even A - who isn't really into Indian movies, likes her. (That was a horrible sentence.) Democracy wins people! It is a team effort after all... A gave me the idea to write about her, J helped me get started by writing a paragraph - win! I'll leave you with that thought and these very pretty, expensive things.


Orange Elegance


  1. wow her style is amazing
    great blog xx
    now following :)

  2. sonam sure has a fabulous sense of style and fashion... i love her... !!
    she is one of my hot fav... other one is Kareena kapoor !
    and these collage pics are gud sum up !