Coloring my wardrobe.

All images via tumblr

I recently talked about how I've been buying shoes with more color. I realized I need to apply this same thought to my wardobe. I have mostly neutrals which, yes, is nice but I really want some stand-out pieces.



Transition of a Smile.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Cuff: Forever 21

So, this is the complete of opposite of what you expected from the sneak peak. But things happened and this is the outfit we ended up taking pictures of. The dress is so cute and soft and it was on sale! 

A little sneak peek.


An arm full of love.

(All images via tumblr and my twitter) 

Your arm is most happy when it has a buddy, like a beautiful watch, stacks of bracelets, or a drool-worthy Givenchy bag. Instead of being obsessed with shoes, I've moved onto accessories that'll make my arm happy. :-D



Take a breath, this will be quick.

(Top: H&M, Skirt: Asos, Bag: Asos (on sale), Heels: Asos)

I realized today that I haven't been posting music and that's just awful since music is one of the great joys in life. Today's song Catcall's "The World is Ours" is just perfect for listening at the beach, hanging out. I just got this new bag from Asos for school; it's pretty big and can fit my notebooks and books. Also, it's  just so adorable and I love the bright red lining and anchors. If you like it it's on sale! See you soon lovelies!



Color my shoes.

Heels: Zara, Jewelry: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Most of my recent shoe purchases have been all about color. I noticed that my old shoes are either black or brown, and yes those colors are great for going with most outfits, but colorful shoes are so much more fun! It's Spring; it's time to loosen up and go crazy with colors!

Also making a special appearance in this post are my very first pair of sunglasses! I've worn glasses
for most of my life and just recently got contacts, so I got some sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. They are so cute! I love the butterfly edges. Since I'm all about color I've been trying to incorporate the same mantra with my jewelry. Let me just say neon jewelry is fabouloooous! You can be wearing such a blah outfit, but if you add one of these bad boys...voila color!



Spring revelations.

(All images via Tumblr)
Whenever I need more inspiration I'm on Tumblr. I'm seriously addicted. Look at these women! They have impeccable taste. I love all the color! I really need to have more colorful clothing for this spring and summer. I usually shy away from super bright colors but I'm really feeling them now. 


Gold sweater.

(Sweater: H&M, Necklace: Forever 21, Boots: Urban Outfitters)

This gold sweater is amazing and just so beautiful. It didn't hurt the fact that it was only ten dollars...both J and I got one! I'm a huge fan of gold and I've actually been trying to plan a whole outfit that only consists of gold items (you'll see more about that soon). This has been a go-to outfit for the days where I'm t tired to think about what I'm going to wear. I love the fact everything else can be blah because this sweater is so amazing on its own. The hat left the pictures later becuase the wind kept blowing it away. See you soon! 

P.S if you like the boots they're on sale!



Those flower pumps.

(Sweater and top: H&M, Shorts: Forever 21, Heels: Asos, Hat: Asos)

Hola mis amigos! I promised you guys an outfit post and voila here it is! I promise we'll try our best to post regularly. Ok lets get to the outfit: it was a simple, cute, outfit to wear on a warm Spring day. Guys, I love my heels! They are so beautiful, honestly I sometimes just stare in disbelief at how adorable they are! Perfect Spring pumps! It feels good to be back! =)