These are from last year.

This was a shoot that J (for Jasmine) and I (Sona) did last year. If you sometimes check out our blog you know that we were living in Mumbai these past few months. Well we're back home and just finished working on a movie (!!!!!). So I have a little time to update this poor abandoned baby and while A (Arjoo...I don't know why we were using the initials...I think it was a Gossip Girl phase thing) hasn't gotten a chance to take pictures (college)...I thought why not update with these (our favorite shoot so far). We worked with a great team; Rummy Makmur (Photographer), Inna Mathews (Makeup) and Morgan O. (Model). This photo-shoot was also published in Content (based in San Jose) magazine. ... let's see, these images belong to their respective owners, please don't use them in any manner, blah blah you know the deal... and until next time, no promises as to sooner or later, but you obviously know better. 



The Perfect Summer Dress.

Dress: Unconfined Style , Shoes: Zara

Once summer comes I am ready to whip out all my adorable short dresses because is there really any need for pants? I think not. This dress is so comfy and breathable! It's perfect for the 90 degrees I'm currently experiencing.


Flower Dress.

Dress:Unconfined Style, Shoes: Zara, Headband: Forever 21

Summer is fast approaching which means only wearing light cotton dresses. This dress is available on Unconfined Style.



Carter Road.
Gateway of India, South Mumbai.
Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, South Mumbai.
Ocean Front, Gateway of India.
Mount Mary Church (The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount), Bandra
Bandstand, Bandra.
Bandra Fort, Bandra.
Sea-Link, View from Bandra Fort.
Queen's Necklace, Marine Drive.

Queen's Necklace, Marine Drive.

Our new business cards!! 

It's practically impossible taking outfit pictures because it's always really crowded and just awkward and half the time we're so sweaty cause of the crazy humid heat...so yeah. It might happen, but probably not anytime soon. So look forward to outfit posts from A. From S and J you get to look at pictures of buildings and food and the beach and of course palm trees. Here's the first installment, of our excursions in Mumbai, being all super touristy and of course got some work done and got the self-designed business cards printed and cut!

P.S. If you haven't already figured this out...this is from my instagram feed...all iPhone photos.


Star View.

Shirt: Asos, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Asos, Bangle: Forever 21

Hey guys!! It's me S...blogging from guess where...MUMBAI!! That's right Mumbai! Although these pictures were taken by me in Tracy, like two months ago...or more. Finally got a chance to post them. Just been really busy with you know moving to another county, that's all, as well as a wedding in Delhi before that. 

J and I have moved to a place in Khar West, which is right next to Bandra, we're literally a five-minute walk away from Carter Road and Olive, that really famous restaurant that we haven't gotten a chance to go to yet! There are lot of good things about being in this place, but the past week or so, we've really gotten homesick...let's hope we find the work we want to do ASAP, so we're busy doing what we love. We know it's barely been a month since we moved here, but we already want to be busy working...although exploring the city has it's perks...beach front and amazing-shopping anyone?! Will try to update soon!