I want you.

Source:Luv AJ, Tumblr

This post is dedicated to the immense love we have for jewelry because WOW do we love it. We fawn over spiked rings, animal carved cuffs, and anything that sparkles. If we had the money, we would be on sites like Bonadrag or Luv AJ buying up all the incredibly made rings and insane necklaces that go on for days. I've added so many things from these sites on my wish list; it's getting a little depressing since my lists are now 4 to 5 pages long, but I'm a dreamer =). 

Even with our lack of jewelry we manage pretty well. We find pretty amazing deals and I'm proud to say our collection has grown pretty large - over 30 rings! We'll post up pictures once we have proper storage for everything...because right now they are in shoe boxes, being hauled around from one shoot location to the next (it makes us feel like real stylists - we are, we just don't get paid yet!) So today, I've been on the computer pretty much all day and I wanted to share some of the images that I'm stuck on.

P.S. I know the last two are not jewelry shots, but I've been thinking of dying my hair and can't decide on a color; I'm between pink and blue. What do you think?


Summer Camp - I Want You


  1. I like the dye job of the last pic! These images are beautiful- great inspiration.


  2. These pictures are stunning. I Particularly like the first picture as well as the last with the blue hair.


  3. I'm absolutely obsessed with those red velvet shorts! So amazing. I want them, but I never knew I wanted them till now!


  4. lovely photos! love those velvet shorts.
    and oh, the died hair is so RAD.