Orange Creamsicle.

When we were driving back from taking the pictures, we saw these guys! Wish we were the ones riding these beautiful horses...

Shirt: Banana Republic($20), Skirt: Asos($33), Wedges: Sam Edelman($65), Bag: H&M($30), Metal Tiger Engraved Cuff: Asos($8), Second Metal Cuff: Forever21($5), Bug Ring: Generation X(SF-$10), Pink Ring: H&M($6)


  1. Gorgeous! Love the country vibe <3



  2. Love the skirt + blouse ladies!!

  3. @ .rapt - Thanks, these were taken in Tracy, so it is really the country. I actually call it Cowtown!

    @Erin - Thanks Erin, it's so you...I totally imaged you wearing it!!


  4. Love all the jewels. Great skirt color.


  5. You guys are so unconventional!!
    The garments you use ae so conventional..in the eyes.. n Look at u.. u put together as if never seen n never thot of!!
    n location + photography is WOW!!

  6. Hello!! Stopped over from stylepile and I've looked through your blog, and I reeeaallly like it :)!! Not only what you guys wear is super cool, but also the photography is great!!

    Will definitely be back :)
    Titine & Totoche

  7. @ Collections - Thanks! We do love our jewels, always on a lookout for more.
    @Akanksha - Thank you so much!!! So many compliments...thanks for all the sweet words, it really means a lot.
    @Titine and totoche - Glad you like our blog and we hope to keep bringing you more fabulous looks...enjoy!

  8. loving the bag!!!.and the shoes!!!!

  9. Which camera do u guys use? + How do u manage to post such big pictures?

  10. Love the skirt.
    Also, brilliant pictures.


  11. @shooting star - thank you!
    @Akanksha - The camera we use is, Canon EOS Rebel T2i EOS 550D and we upgraded to buy more space on the blog so we can post bigger pictures. If you mean how do you make them show up bigger? Than, I know blogger has certain limits, so you can edit the html of each post and change the width and height to make the larger. If you have questions, we can totally answer them as much as we can.
    @Lobeni Lesley - Thanks Lobeni, means a lot coming from you..we all love your blog!

  12. This is so cool!!! Your photographs are absolutely inspirational. The lighting is fantastic!
    we'd love it if you took a peek at our blog! http://www.rocthelook.blogspot.com
    we come from a teens perspective as well :)

    Kelly and Renee

  13. wow, very nice photos on this one! the colors in her outfit contrasted the background nicely I think! Keep it up :P