Waking in Winter.

I can taste the tin of the sky --- the real tin thing.
Winter dawn is the color of metal,
The trees stiffen into place like burnt nerves.
All night I have dreamed of destruction, annihilations ---
An assembly-line of cut throats, and you and I
Inching off in the gray Chevrolet, drinking the green
Poison of stilled lawns, the little clapboard gravestones,
Noiseless, on rubber wheels, on the way to the sea resort.

How the balconies echoed! How the sun lit up
The skulls, the unbuckled bones facing the view!
Space! Space! The bed linen was giving out entirely.
Cot legs melted in terrible attitudes, and the nurses ---
Each nurse patched her soul to a wound and disappeared.
The deathly guests had not been satisfied
With the rooms, or the smiles, or the beautiful rubber plants,
Or the sea, Hushing their peeled sense like Old Mother Morphia

- Sylvia Plath

Dress: Ecote via Urban Outfitters($15), Boots: Kelsi Dagger($35), Necklace: Forever 21 with additional rings added on as charms($28), Bangles: India, Knuckle Ring: Target($8)


  1. i love these photos!

  2. Thank you Psychobabble! And thank you Sheena!

  3. thise boots look really cool! lovely shoot! :):)

  4. I love the setting. As usual, your photographs are brilliant! And your dress is so pretty :)


  5. Great pictures. Love the way you played with black and white and color in them.


  6. Beautiful pics great photography,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the wishes, we did have a great anniversary
    do visit again


  7. Where do you find such picturesque places to get pictures in? :) Gorgeous! :) Great to find you here after seeing your posts on style pile :)

    Follow me?

  8. The beautiful locations are brought to you by the State of California..haha! As much as we want to travel elsewhere we can't deny how beautiful this place is. You can drive ten minutes from one of our houses, which are in populated areas, and find yourself in maintained wilderness...the amazing state parks! For this photoshoot we barely had to drive five minutes to a nearby park and viola...heaven!