A Splash of Beret.

We're back, after the blissful few days known as Thanksgiving coma! We all had a wonderful holiday with our families with lots of delicious food and to those of you who celebrate, we hope you had the same.

Beret: Target($9.99), Top: Forever 21($12), Jeans: Marshall's($15), Boots: Steve Madden($99), The rings are from Target, Jones New York, and a vintage store, ranging from $-$15. 


Emerald City.

This look was inspired by this wall mural, which S&J painted a while back. It's an eclectic look with both traditional Indian and contemporary influences.

Prices: Unfortunately, apart from the green shirt, which is from Target ($9.99), we don't remember the prices for most of these things. Everything on the shoulder is from here. The ring and the jewelry in the hair is from India.

R.I.P, Purple Glove.

I (A) would like to dedicate a post to my beautiful purple glove. As you know we were in San Francisco  for the Lanvin collection and while there, I lost one of my gloves. I am deeply saddened by my loss. I love these gloves so much, it's so hard to wear just one...feels incomplete. They are the prettiest shade of purple. No other glove can compare. I honestly do not know if I can find these gloves because the day I got them at Banana Republic, there were only a few left.  But that's not the main point. This post is about me thanking the glove for the warmth and the sense of fashion it provided.

While I still mourn the loss of this glove, I should also think of all the good things that happened. It involves macarons, you know who's to blame, Blair from Gossip Girl!


Lanvin Love in San Francisco.

So guys, today was a very interesting day. It started at 5 o'clock in the morning. We all got ready to go to SF to get pieces from the Lanvin for H&M collection. Long story short* (because WOW was the line long, seriously it circled a whole block!), we got nothing.

However, there's an upside! We got amazing photos of the chaos and video footage, not to mention a little case of the green monster**, sore feet, and a lifetime of unforgettable memories! 

*Let's make it a little longer - we didn't go the night before because it was raining and freezing, we assumed people would just come around 3 or 4 in the morning. But, we underestimated the passion. One of the guards said people had been waiting since 3 pm  the day before! We'll know better next time!

**(Unlike some privileged people, we were not able to get any of the Lanvin pieces.)


   Look at all the beautiful pieces! We stood behind a white gate unable to enter the amazingness. 
                                                                The chosen ones!
    The blow horn of misery! (They had a time limit of course)
 The amazing H&M staff getting more inventory for the crazed shoppers!
 Lucky girl! She had so many pieces that we wanted! 
Some girl left her bag on the ground, what a shame, disgracing the pieces like that!
 So do we!
We came back at 1:30 because that's when the 'night owls' could enter, but this is what we came to.
Silver lining, there were a few dresses left, so we were able to at least the touch one of the pieces!


Guess who says, "Oh look at the yellow, the yellow! The yellow!"


Autumn Fallin'

Hi everyone! Autumn is sort of here. We actually had to go and search for the perfect place to take pictures because the weather's being really fickle here in the Bay Area. It starts to get cold and than it gets hot again! The poor trees are stuck in the middle, so we've barely seen autumn colors.  Well anyway, we decided to get some coffee from one of our favorite cafes, It's a Grind, and we saw the billions of beautiful leaves so we decided to just take photos there. The leaves are so beautiful and they were the perfect size to cover my face!

Blazer: Target($30), Shirt: Target($10, Scarf: Hand-knitted by J's mom (priceless), Shorts: Forever 21($18.70), Tights: Express($15.00), Shoes: Forever 21($25)


Attacked by a Dinosaur.

La la lala la la la...just walking down a dark street. 
Oh what's that?! A SCARY ASS Dinosaur!!
 Oh NO!!! It's going to get me!
 Aaaaaaahhhhhh!! Don't kill with your deadly bubble attack Dinosaur!
 It's too close!
 Run faster!
 NOO!! Where's this red haze coming from?! The Dinosaur is going to eat me!
Phew...made it. Hahahaha! Sucker!

Shirt: Old Navy($20), Mini Skirt: Banana Republic($20), Sweater Vest: Banana Republic($20), Shoes: Forever 21($25), Dinosaur: Dollar Tree(Priceless)


Painting the Town Red.

Hi everyone! So we got a camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T2i EOS 550D. 

First off, we'd like to thank you for all the feedback and suggestions. We ended up getting this camera because this was in our price-range and the reviews on this camera were really great, especially for people just starting out. We were too excited to wait and learn all the tricks of the camera and just did a quick shoot. But, we will learn more and hopefully next time we can use it to its full potential! 

The night is young and so is she!
But she has to sneak out.
She's excited about the night ahead.
She's almost there!
And she painted the town red.

Jacket(Serena): Banana Republic($160), Dress: H&M($49.90), Shoes: Target($25)