Click of her heels.

Dress:Target($20), Shoes: Unknown

I was so excited to find these heels! I got them a long time ago and only wore them once! They are so cute and reminded me of the 50s, so I slipped on my polka dot dress and decided to do an impromptu shoot. 


A summer of eating.

This summer I decided to try out as many new recipes as possible and of course I started with cupcakes. I made cocoanut and key-lime and they both turned out delicious. For the first day of my birthday week I went on a picnic with my friends. It was good for the first hour until it started to pour. -_-  It was extremely funny, but not when my hair started to turn into a bad afro. Hopefully this freak rain will not make another visit.



Now there's something here before me.

Top: Marshalls($12), Skirt: Vintage($24),Wedges: Michael Kors($36), Bag:Vintage, Bracelet: Forever 21($6), Ring: Forever 21($4)

I wanted to try a different location, so me and my little sis went scouring all over our little town to find one and we finally found this area on the outskirts of town. It was actually illegal to be hanging out in this area, but I felt rebellious and dared to defy the law. I really wished it wasn't so windy because my hair kept coming out and looking like crap in so many shots. All in all,  I really liked how the pictures came out and this place turned out to be successful! This week is going to be a little hectic because it's my birthday week! I am usually not enthusiastic about my birthday, but this year I feel the need to celebrate. :)



Midsummer inspirations.

Sorry for the slow down in posts, I've been busy with work and getting ready to deal with summer classes... lame I know. So for now I am posting what has been inspiring me lately. I am loving all of the dreamy editorials and of course the beach ones. They are always so enchanting.



Bows and Bowler Hats.

Dress: H&M($20), Bowler Hat:Joana's(Unknown) , Oxfords: Candies (Kohl's - $10), Jewelry: Forever 21($3-$6)

This dress is just so adorable and it has pockets...kind of makes it perfect. The day A got this we were looking for a long dress which we didn't find, but obviously bought this instead. A squealed like a kid in a candy store when she saw it. Before we took these pictures, we tried this pizza place in Fremont for lunch - it wasn't good, so to make up for it we went for crepes! Totally made-up for it. After that, because it was still too sunny, we went to Nordstrom Rack but came back empty-handed...and that made us a little sad. Taking these pictures was interesting, we kept hearing things in the grass...I was totally creeped out. I felt like a snake was going to crawl up my legs anytime and we kept getting honked at...people really need to stop doing that. 



My first day of Summer.

Since I've arrived home I've been hanging out with all my friends because I hadn't seen them in a while. We made a pact to try all the restaurants in our downtown, which isn't many. It was the first day of Summer today and we wanted to go out, even though it was 102 degrees! It was extremely difficult to walk in the sun let alone be in the sun. After lunch, we decided to go to a cute little ice cream shop to cool off. I tried something new for once and got chocolate caramel crunch which was so good! I wasn't able to take pictures of my new sunhat at lunch, but once I got home I did. I just love it, it's so perfect.



When I first laid my eyes on this photo-shoot, my heart dropped. If I were to describe perfection... this is it. I have been gazing at these photos for a few hours now and I still can't get over the splendor.  This is what I aspire for our photo-shoots.