The Gypsy and The Runaway Heiress.

You can hear when she is near. Her necklaces knocking against each other and the chimes of her anklet. She wanders around, searching. One dark night, the gypsy wandered on to the land of Zion.

Click, click click, the gypsy heard. A young woman emerged. She looked beautiful in a black dress and blood-red pumps. An heiress who's fed up with her life. A life, where she has beautiful things, but no freedom to be herself...so she runs away. But that's not so easy either.

The gypsy sensed her distress.
The gypsy put her hands on the heiress' head and gave her the power to run her life the way she wants to. She also gave her one of her most priced possessions - a red shawl, to help her through her troubles, because surely she will face many.

But this is no ordinary gypsy. Right when the heiress thinks she's alone...the gypsy leads the way and guides her towards her new life. Than as all gypsies must, she wanders, with a red shawl......

Gypsy: Dress - Target($12), Shoes - From India($20), Pashmina scarf - $80(India), Jewelry: Necklaces (Forever 21, each about $10), Headpiece (pendant from a necklace - $8), Rings (Forever 21 and Target - about $5), Cuff - Forever 21 ($8), Anklet - Great America, CA($12)

Heiress: Dress - Zara($20), Shoes - Alfani(Macy's - $35)


Tree hopping after-hours.

Shirt: Marshall's ($15), Jeans: All Start - Converse (Target - $30), Shoes - Candies(Kohl's - $10), Ring - Forever 21($4)


Pop goes the orange.

Top: Banana Republic ($25), Skirt: Banana Republic ($25), Shoes: Chinese Laundry (Macy's-$35), Headpiece - Forever 21 ($4)


The gray Inside me surrounds me.

Dress: Old Navy($20), Sweater: Nordstrom($31), Belt: Kenneth Cole Reaction(Macy's-$20), Tights - Target($5), Shoes: DSW(Mix No. 6 - $30), Ring - Nordstrom($5)

Men have the best shirts. And woman have the best accessories.

Shirt: American Eagle Men's($15), Jeans:SHIO(Nordstrom's - $40), Belt - Kenneth Cole Reaction($20), Pin - Pendant from India($3), Shoes - From India($10), Bag - Nine West($65), Headband - Made by S&J ($9)


My obsession for you turns purple.

Dress - Rachel Roy(Macy's - $45), Shoes - Alfani($35), Bracelet - (Necklace from Old Navy - $5)

J waited 6 months for this dress to go on sale, hence the obsession. She still never got the jacket she wanted to go with this dress...sigh. When will someone hire us as their stylists, and pay us... so we can go shopping!


Veronica blushes till the bloomed garden withers.*

Part I
Top - Forever 21($13), Skirt - Forever 21($14), Shoes - Kohl's($10), Headpiece - Forever 21($4), Ring - Forever 21($4), Tights - Target($3), Jacket(Serena) - Banana Republic($160)

Part II
Top - LOFT($15), Skirt - Forever 21($14), Shoes - Target($12), Ring - Forever 21($3)

*A likes to name her clothes, Veronica is the skirt.


Quandaries of a Pencil Skirt

First Look: Top, Skirt - Banana Republic($12), Necklace - Forever 21($12), Shoes - Steve Madden(Nordstrom Rack($35))

Second Look: Top - Old Navy($20), Skirt - Same as above, Necklace - Forever 21($7)