Black, White and the changing Seasons.

Jacket: Asos, Heels: Zara, Tights: Target, Dress: Topshop, Necklace: Forever 21

It's a mirage, an oasis in the desert of no updates. It's a fluke, It just can't be. A post? An outfit post no less. It's not a mirage dear readers, the 7 of you who checked in today. Nothing can bring you together like a mandatory family event! Where schedules and lack of cars are overcome and you have to figure something out. A and I had a family event in Tracy, where we stubbornly took out half an hour to take  not one, not two but four new outfit pictures! Because who knows when we'll get the chance again. A's working part-time while going to school - her work requires her to wear a somewhat "semi-formalish" attire, these are some of her new clothing purchases. Also...look at all the pretty leaves!! I just love Fall! 

J and I on the other hand are in the middle of some life-changing things and because we're paranoid about jinxes, we'll share with all of you the news once we're in the safe-zone! Until next time!