Let me go.

We were actually supposed to do a more flirty look today, with flowers and butterflies and pretty girly things. But the weather was just so melancholy, this look was more suited to the weather and our mood. We love the title for this post because it's from a song by Phantogram, which A found on We Are Hunted, which is a great place to find new sound and emerging artists.  

Let Me Go - Phantogram

Dress: Jacket: BeBop(Macy's - $28), Glimmer(Macy's-$45), Boots: Steve Madden($100), Necklace: Forever21($7), Ring: Gas Station($10)


  1. dress left me speechless :D
    it's amazing.

    <3 Saule Seen.

  2. Great stuff!! I wish you guys could be MY stylists!!

    Also - the song is great, thanks for introducing me to it:)

  3. @Psychobbble: Thank you, the dress is so adorable...when we saw it at Macy's, we couldn't resist!

    @S3: That is the best compliment you can give us because S&J actually do want to be stylists and currently are personal shoppers...if you were in the San Francisco area, we could actually we could be your stylists! :)

  4. S3: Just realized it was you Sheena..haha! Of course we can totally be your stylists!