Denim on Denim.

Denim Jacket: Banana Republic($40), Top: H&M($20), Jeans: Marshall's($15), Boots: Kelsi Dagger($35), Bag: Asos($17), Necklace: Forever 21($8), Bangles:H&M($6.50 - set of 4

A Shorts Story.

Part I.

Part II.

I - Sweater: Calvin Klein($20), Shorts: Rachel Roy($89.99), Flats: Target($20), Clutch: H&M($12.50), Necklace: Burlington($8), Ring: Forever 21($4.50)
II. Top: India($20), Lace-Tank: H&M($14), Shorts: Rachel Roy($89.99), Belt: Banana Republic($25), Shoes: Michael Kors(Thrifted - $36), Cuff: Asos($8), Purple&Orange Ring: H&M(Set - $4.50), Turquoise Ring: Forever 21($4.80?)

Aren't these shorts just amazing? We had to do two different outfits just to show you how awesome they are! Also, they have pockets - which makes them even more awesome and that makes Rachel Roy the 'awesomest!' Yeah...she's so awesome, I had to enhance a real word into a fake word.

You know what else is awesome, nostalgia. For example, today...when  taking these pictures we were reminiscing about our old days when my models - that's what I'm calling them now - were camera shy. So, here is a picture for the old days...it's a little blurry because I was laughing so hard that the camera moved, which means you can't tell that the models are also laughing, a lot...we attracted so much attention - don't know if it was the laughing or the awesome shorts - a bunch of guys in a car pulled over right next to us and started asking us if we needed any help - apparently one of them was a photographer (yeah and I'm the queen of England) - even if he really was, we didn't believe him at all..we said our thank-yous and byes and walked away. So random.



Lingering Despair.

Dress: Urban Outfitters($15), Boots: Steven Madden($99), Rings: Target & Forever 21($4-$8)

Open eyes see nothing
Life fails her everyday
Every moment is filled with regret
She closes her eyes and sees peace

The stars beneath her skin
still into dark corners
desire, hunger
demand flight
but somehow it asphyxiates
into stillness
grappling between memories 
and dreams

With her days spent in despair
her eyes gazing out
with a wretched soul,
she sits still with only a sigh to spare

Pieces of three different poems, by each of us, edited together to create one.


This look was inspired by the photography of Lara Jade - who is a freakin' genius - we only recently discovered her because of someone we know, let's call her JM. If you go on Book II - second photograph, of her portfolio on her website, you will see the resemblance - after that it kind of took it's own life and this is what we have.

The title of this post is the title of A's blog, it seemed fitting for this post so we used it.



Devolution of Carousel Rides.

Dress: Express (Marshall's - $15), Shoes: Mia($35), Four-Finger Ring: Crossroads Trading Co.($5.40), First-two rings: Forever 21($4-$6), Cocktail Ring: Macy's($5)