I love you Sonam.

Oh Sonam, why are you so lovely? You can never be disappointed with Sonam because she always surprises you. Sonam is the only Bollywood actor that has an amazing fashion sense, and is always trying something different. Also, Sonam commits to her outfits. She makes sure the makeup, hair and the SHOES go with her outfit. Everyone else in Bollywood seems to half-ass their outfits, which is so freaking annoying. When you plan your outfit, everything else is very essential to the outfit also!

 Now onto the Cannes outfits. Sonam's McQueen gown was beautiful but it didn't measure up to last years Gaultier gown. However, I still appreciated that Sonam tried to do something different because she didn't look horrible. It was still a nice look. Her last look for the Cannes film festival was my absolute favorite! Her Dolce and Gabanna dress was gorgeous. As I said before Sonam commits to her whole look, so her hair and accessories were just as magnificent. The days before the Cannes red carpet Sonam gave us a few looks like her black and white Naeem Khan gown which was stunning. The bow was a little overwhelming on her, but besides that I was very pleased. Sonam wore a Marni dress for her Loreal interviews. It was so cute, and I love the beaded detailing. It was very Sonam.

If it wasn't for Sonam, I would be looking at horrible dressed Bollywood actors constanly. For example, for one of the biggest nights in Bollywood, Karan Johar's birthday party, no one looked nice! It was horrible. It was like a who's who of horrendously dressed people! It feels good to get that off my chest. Sorry, but sometimes I need to vent.