Black, White and the changing Seasons.

Jacket: Asos, Heels: Zara, Tights: Target, Dress: Topshop, Necklace: Forever 21

It's a mirage, an oasis in the desert of no updates. It's a fluke, It just can't be. A post? An outfit post no less. It's not a mirage dear readers, the 7 of you who checked in today. Nothing can bring you together like a mandatory family event! Where schedules and lack of cars are overcome and you have to figure something out. A and I had a family event in Tracy, where we stubbornly took out half an hour to take  not one, not two but four new outfit pictures! Because who knows when we'll get the chance again. A's working part-time while going to school - her work requires her to wear a somewhat "semi-formalish" attire, these are some of her new clothing purchases. Also...look at all the pretty leaves!! I just love Fall! 

J and I on the other hand are in the middle of some life-changing things and because we're paranoid about jinxes, we'll share with all of you the news once we're in the safe-zone! Until next time! 



Quick Update .

I finally have my camera!! Sadly, I have not taken any outfit pictures, because I need someone else to do that for me, and I need some free time. I promise I shall try my best, and get on that soon. So till than here are some pictures I took of my room ( it is still a work in progress). Also my beautiful new Zara sweater!!



J's Instagram.

1. Various delicious edible chocolate things from Cocola.
2. and 3. Cupcakes made by J
4. J's manicure.
5. J's outfit and vintage zebra pin from a day in San Francisco.
6. It's all about burgundy...dress is on the wish-list for a holiday party. 
7. J's latest manicure - Essie Baha Mamma on top a Elle editorial.
8. J's new tweed jacket from Mango. 

Collage of S's dinner from some night. 


Instagram Love.

1. My new Zara peter pan collar dress. 
2. Visiting the Topshop in San Francisco and drooling over all the pieces.
3. Exploring San Francisco and admiring the beautiful churches. 
4.Feeling very parisian wearing stripes on stripes. 

 I sincerely apologize for being so absent from the blog. I've been so wrapped up with school and my new job that I've hardly had the time to blog. I'm getting more used to my schedule now, so I'm going to try and start posting regularly. I actually need to bring my camera to San Francisco to do an outfit post because those are definitely long overdue.  I hope these Instagram pictures can suffice for the moment. :-)



SS 2013 RTW.

Burberry Prorsum, LFW, SS 2013 RTW

Dries Van Noten, PFW, SS 2013 RTW

All images via wwd.com

There were many collections that I really loved, but so far these are the only two that I ended up making collages for. These two collections are almost antithesis of each other.  While the Burberry Prorsum collection to me was decadent, British and ladylike the Dries Van Noten show had this light, easy menswear/womenswear feel. I loved both. I wanted everything from the Dries show for daytime and everything Burberry for when you want to feel a little fancy. 



Oscar de la Renta. NYFW.

Images: WWD (Giovanni Giannoni)

So this happened today. Asldfkjsflkjlthlss. 

In case somebody reads this and cares, we're obviously a pretty lazy bunch - example...remember how I was going to cover NYFW last time and I did, remember how all of sudden I quit out of the blue so close to the finish line and didn't even talk about the awesomeness that was the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 collection...the point of this reminder is that don't expect more coverage/discussion on this fashion week. There might be, there might not. Obviously you're waiting with bated breath, holding a hand over your heart, for the next update (imagine sarcasm font). 

Untill next time.



NYFW Street Style and Champagne.

Source: Tommy Ton

Fashion Week is here and of course I'm depressed that I can't be there and see the amazing shows. Besides the shows, my favorite thing is to see is all the street style. Hope you enjoy the pictures of all the, lucky, well dressed people.


Last night, J and I were supposed to meet up and be "productive." But, really, we just needed to meet up and vent about our miserable lives, the causes come in multitudes, one of them being not be able to go to NYFW during Fall. Right when we saw each other we were thinking the same thing - we needed champagne. We hadn't had it in almost a year and apparently it was time. So at 1:30, half an hour before they stop selling you alcohol in the good ol' state of California, we went to the local supermarket and got ourselves a decent bottle in our budget and the September issue of Vogue and made ourselves feel better by being fancy. Also, a family friend of J's had just come back from Paris and brought some chocolate, making the evening so fancy that we forgot about derailed plans and goals not achieved for a while...coupled with good conversation and some silliness, it was a perfect night. 



Confessions of a shoeaholic.

         It's finally Septemeber! This means Fall is right around the corner! I'm sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but school just started and I've been preoccupied with that. Anyway, I saw these gorgeous nude sandals at Zara and I couldn't help myself. I mean really look at them?! They are so divine. They are the perfect staple heel for Fall. I love how I justify my purchases. The reasons are usually so irrational... this one actually made a little sense, a little.


So, while school's happening for A, J and I are basking in the misery that is life - where nothing seems to go right and things planned keeping getting postponed and we are uninspired and almost to the point of hopelessness. So yeah, so cheery. Le sigh.



DIY Necklace for Cosmopolitan India.

*Please read all the steps before you begin, there some suggestions in the later steps that contradict the beginning - efficiency through trial and error.*

This is kind of long overdue, but we were waiting for the hard copy, but we can't do it any longer. So Cosmopolitan India was doing a DIY feature for their July issue and they asked us to contribute! YEH! We feel so international or should we say cosmopolitan (bad pun totally intended)! We always talk about doing a craft-day and were planning on making something anyway, this gave us a good reason to get our act together and actually make something. We were inspired by this awesome VPL piece and below is our take on it. I'm sure you could use bungee cord and get some resin from an arts/crafts store or online and replicate it, but we went with something simpler, which still made a statement - rope and neon! We will do an update post once we get the hard copy and scan in the feature, the .pdf we have right now is just not clear enough

You’ll need:
• A pair of very sharp scissors
• A thick rope, measured to the desired length around your neck with an additional
six inches for making the tie in the back of the necklace.
• A secondary rope, thinner than the original, cut about three times longer then the
thicker piece.

Before you start: You should always get both pieces longer than recommended just in
case something goes wrong and always double-check before you cut because you don’t
want it to go to waste!

Measure the thicker rope around your neck, keeping an inch extra, snip the rest off for
later. You’ll use it to make the tie in the back of the necklace.

Step 1: Take both pieces and align at one end.

Step 2: Take the thinner rope and go underneath the thicker one.

Step 3: Fold the thinner rope over the thicker one and take it underneath itself.

 Step 4: Repeat the process until you’re about an inch and half away from
the end and tie secure knots at the end to keep the rope/thread from unraveling. You can
also tape the end to make it even more secure, which is what we ended up doing.

 If you do end up using tape, make sure the second piece (our neon yarn) is not slippery and has enough traction because if it doesn't, it'll just unravel even after you tightly wrap it.

 Step 5: This is where the extra rope we had you save comes in handy. Take that piece and
cut it in half. On one end of the necklace, fold over the rope so it makes a loop and secure by wrapping the thread continuously. (If you plan on using a rope as the secondary piece, you can get a matching yarn to finish off the necklace.)

We actually made this part harder then it had to be. But you know, hindsight.  Here is the first place we contradict the beginning - you don't have to cut and save some extra rope, you can just keep the main piece long enough in the beginning so that you can make the loop. Secure as stated on top.
Step 6: On the other end of the necklace, take the last piece of the extra rope, and secure it by wrapping the thread to the edge, just like in the last step. Cut any excess thread off, once you’re done wrapping it around and finish by tying very secure knots.

Second contradiction. Once again instead of cutting and attaching the extra piece later, just keeping the rope longer in the beginning, that way you don't have to cut and attach it, all you have to do is finish it. Hopefully that made sense. 

 Viola! You’re done! Your necklace should look something like this! You
can always add a personal touch with charms, lockets, even safety pins…even an old lock
lying around the house attached at the center would add just the right touch.

J modeling the end-result. 

Good luck!