They say that the world was built for two.

Hat: Asos, Blouse: Asos, Shorts: Forever 21, Wedges: Forever 21, Rings: Forever 21

Luna del Rey's voice is hauntingly beautiful. It creeps into even the tiniest corners of my heart. I think I've fallen in love. 

Lana Del Rey - Video Games


These last few days of Summer with friends.

Bits and pieces.

I've been so caught up with making the most of whatever is left of this Summer I haven't been able to take any outfit shots. So here are the bits and pieces I do have. I promise tomorrow I'll have one up!

P.S. I love my new Dolce Vita boots! They are so beautiful! =)



Fall fashion.

Images via tumblr, vogue, and fashion gone rogue

I've been day dreaming of Fall and what my outfits are going to look like. For inspiration I've ben all over the internet. Here are some photos that have caught my eye. I know most of these photos have nothing to do with Fall fashion, but they were so beautiful I couldn't resist. I'm dying over the beetle ring and the white boots. I never thought of getting white boots before, but these are perfection. I'm obsessed with boots right now. I have 5 pairs on my wish list; I better start saving now!


journée de farniente.

Shirt: Forever 21, Jeans: Marshall's, Wedges: Forever 21

Today was a lazy day, so it was jeans and rolled-up-sleeves shirt day. Summer is coming to an end which means school. -_-  This means I've got to savor every last day.




T-shirt and jewelry:Forever21, Jeans: Marshall's, Boots: Kelsi dagger

This is just a preview post for tomorrow's outfit. I didn't like any of the full shots we took today, so I shall redo it. Isn't this t-shirt awesome!? Sometimes the finds at Forever 21 are so amazing!



Maxi skirts.

Images via: Tumblr and cloudships
Oh my! I'm in love with the woman in the second picture. Her outfit is perfection. From her sunglasses to her heels. I really have been wanting to get a new maxi skirt; the orange one on top is the ideal one for me. =)


My perfect fall outfit

           My perfect fall outfit

I am so sorry for all the posts of the pieces I chose on Polyvore...I had no idea I was posting them on blogger. I realized after I returned to post this set. I am so sorry for filling your blogger with crap. I really wanted to create a fall outfit and I realized I could do this on Polyvore, so instead of sleeping I found my favorite pieces. However this plan backfired because now I'm sad that none of these pieces are in my closet. 



Lazy beach days.

 I finally got my charger in the mail today and it was pretty exciting! I've been at the beach a few times, but sadly I didn't take many photos because I get pretty lazy. Whenever I ended up at the beach, I took a few photos than took a nap or enjoyed the calm. I don't think I can ever love any other place more than the beach. I promise by tomorrow I shall post some outfit pictures. =)