It's four in the morning, the end of December.

Sweater: Banana Republic ( $21), Top: Forever 21($12.80), Shorts: Forever 21($23.00), Shoes: Forever 21($ 24.00), Necklace: Macy's ($ 10), Rings: Target and Forever 21( $4 and $5)


My Mind Keeps Spinning Closer And Closer To The Rain On The Roof.

Hello everyone! So today I tried to do a proper photo shoot, but it started to rain like crazy! So that ruined my plans, but couldn't help but take some photos... especially of my new awesome feather necklace which I freaking love! =) Put on some Mike Posner and enjoyed the rainy day painting my nails. -A

P.S Waka Flocka Flame has now made me end rain, rain, go away with that's what all my haters say.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas has got to be our favorite holiday of the year! The food, the colors and the feeling you get is priceless.  Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

P.S. I (A) assembled the Gingerbread village with my sister, doesn't it look awesome?! I ate so much candy and of course am now suffering from a sugar-coma. Totally worth it!


In a Barren Field For Us to Cut Through.

Dress: Forever 21( $19.80), Leather Jacket: Banana Republic ( $150), Ring: Forever 21( $8), Flats: Kohls($8), Belt: Forever 21($6)
( Taking photos and getting thorns in my tights...priceless)


Tuesday Night Escapades.

Hey guys! A here. So last night I went out with my best friends and we had a smashing night! Here are some of the photos I took. Sadly our amazing regular coffee place closed down so we ended up at Starbucks. There we exchanged gifts for white elephant and I got this gingerbread making kit! I've been craving gingerbread since November so I'm really excited to make them. We then headed to Safeway for ingredients to make red velvet balls. Most of my photos are of my friend Joana. She always dresses amazingly and is a musician so she's pretty much one of the coolest people out there. Enjoy!
Sorry for the crappy photo but I wanted to post a picture of my outfit and this was the best I could find.


Christmas in the Park.

Hi everyone! So we still haven't managed to get a photo-shoot done, as you obviously know, and it's mostly because of the weather. It's still been raining pretty much everyday and we really don't want to do shoots inside anymore, the lighting isn't good enough. But, another reason is the holidays and we've just been spending time with friends and family. Yesterday, S and J went to Christmas in the Park with their friends...here are a few pictures. We had so much fun, had the best hot chocolate and churros and even got to go on a Ferris-wheel!

It was cold, so we had our winter gear ready!


My Christmas Tree

Hi everyone!

We've been trying to do a shoot for a few days now but the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating. So, I thought I'd share some pictures of my awesome lookin' christmas tree. I just adore some of the ornaments that I've had for years now. I didn't put up my tree for the last two years but this year I really wanted one and I hope somehow the presents will appear under the tree too. Not fun when you're broke during Christmas time :-( Oh well at least looking at the tree makes me happy!

PS: Shopping and shooting has been planned for tomorrow!

- J


Prints, Lace and Shiny Things.

Top: Banana Republic($35), Shoes: Report (Nordstrom-$45), Tights: Target($8), Skirt: Audrey 3+1 from Generation X(SF) ($13), Necklace: Forever 21($9)



Bonjour tout le monde! Today was a very interesting day for us. We were prepared to do two photo shoots today, so we headed on over to our new favorite park. We got there only to get kicked out by the park ranger, telling us it was sunset and the park was closed. It was only 5, but it was a rainy day so the sun was never out! 

We were really disappointed and had to resort going to another-not-as-awesome park. We got there and in our 5-minute drive it had gotten pretty dark. We started to take pictures, but than noticed they weren't coming out nice because we needed the sunlight for the outfits. The three of us than huddled side by side with our umbrellas to discuss what we should post instead. We tried to think of something, but than wandered off-subject and started talking about an Indian show we like to watch Koffee with Karan and discussing the people that came on the show and the clothes and how lame Karan Johar is, but how we're secretly jealous of him. After 10 minutes of irrelevant topics we came up with writing about our day today. Tomorrow is another day!

-A, S, J


Go Cry In a Corner.

Hi everyone! We made this dress out of silk chiffon today, which we already had at home. It's six yards of fabric, so depending on where you can get it you can estimate the cost yourself. This belt was bought at a thrift store in Fremont, only $6! It needed really awesome shoes and unfortunately these are the only ones we have for right now, so we used them again!

Oh and as far as the title of this post is concerned, well whenever we're sad about something, we always say, I'm gonna go and cry in my little corner...and we're sad because we're unemployed and broke and have no money to buy things, for example...awesome shoes! Does anyone need stylists in the Bay Area, California or a dress made, let us know!