New beginnings.

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 I can't believe how fast this month went by! It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about how slow it was. July is going to be very hectic for me because I'm moving. I'm excited and at the same time it hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm thrilled to buy new furniture for my place. I've been browsing the internet to look for ideas. I mean my room will never look as good as the pictures above, but hey it doesn't hurt to try.

P.S. How amazing is this bag?!!!!!!!!



Golden Summer.

                  Top:Marshalls, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Jewelry: Forever 21, Shoes: Michael Kors 

A was apprehensive about this shirt because it was a poly-crepe and she, and all of us, are trying to stick with purchasing only cotton or rayon tops because they just work the best and you don't end up looking like a gross sweaty mess, but it was so cheap that she couldn't resist...turns out that it's extremely light and airy and goes well with almost anything including these adorable and feel-like-you-have-nothing-on shorts.  



New in, awesome shoes.

From: Asos 

I've been trying to buy shoes that will be kind to my feet, especially since pretty soon I'll be moving to SF and will be walking everywhere constantly. In this effort for comfy shoes I would never compromise the cuteness factor and seriously how cute are these brogues?! These bad boys are not only cute, but super affordable! My feet are going to be so delighted with the coziness and look freaking wicked!



Hannah and the Leopard.

I love how this picture came out, such a cliched pose of 'I'm fabulous.' Except not posed at all, taken while A was trying to get her hair out of her face - it was really windy. And when A reads this sentence, she'll get all flustered, it's the most hilarious thing to watch! Sometimes J and I compliment her on purpose just to watch her reaction.
Jacket (Hannah): Zara, Top: Zara, Skirt: Vintage (Black & Brown), Shoes: Asos, Socks: Target, 
Earrings: Vintage (Black & Brown), Rings: Forever 21

I just realized a few days ago that we don't always write under each post and we never really explained it, in fact we don't explain a lot of things....like how there's a been a forth person as part of the blog for a while...which we just mentioned only like two three posts ago. Call us mysterious. A lot of that has to do with being busy, sometimes inconvenience or lack of inspiration, but mostly it's because we're lazy. But, sometimes it's just so damn hard to write even a sentence - for example, the amount of updates on our twitter accounts - doesn't happen as often as we like. But really, the sparse posting schedule is only and only because of a busy schedule. We can only get together on the weekends and take pictures of our latest/most worn outfits.

You're already been acquainted with the jacket, controversially known as Hannah. When A first purchased it, it was solely based on the studded-minty perfection. She thought it might be too hot to actually wear right now and she would only wear it when she moved to San Francisco. ...but of course never trust the weather in California. It got cold a few days later and well she pretty much wore it this whole weekend...keeps you perfectly comfortable in 60-70 degree weather. The shirt is awesome because ALL THE STUDS! Also, it's cotton and super soft, really what else do you need. Lastly, A's dream of wearing socks with heels finally came true when one day we went to Target and saw those socks and well you can see all the cacophony of color and pattern that occurs, which is a constant theme in our outfits. 

On an end note, we're planning to update our profile soon so you actually know what the hells going on. Let's see when it actually happens. 



This is Little A.

Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Forever 21, Bracelets: JewelMint, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Ring: Forever 21

So, we realized that we actually never mentioned that this is A's little sister in the pictures and not one of the three of us. So, yeah. She doesn't really enjoy doing being in the pictures too much, but we usually just make her whenever A feels like taking the pictures or is too tired from work or school. The benefits of having a younger sibling!



Mint Perfection.

Jacket: Zara

Holy crap! Isn't this jacket minty-studded perfection?! I love Zara so much more now for bringing this jacket into my life. I always name the jackets that truly affect my sound (I know it sounds nuts, but I'm very passionate about my jackets).  I'm thinking of naming this jacket after Hannah, the lead singer of Grouplove. Her personality and energy really go well with this jacket. So everyone, I'd like you to meet Hannah. =)


I'd just like to say that I don't approve of the name Hannah for this jacket. It reminds of the bad times in season six of the show Bones. That's all. I was thinking maybe this one could be Michael after Geographer's lead singer. Serena (A's leather jacket) and Michael sound better together than Hannah and Serena. Doesn't have the same ring, just saying. ;-) Unfortunately, A has the last say. :-(



My favorite things.

My wardrobe seems to be overflowing with floral accessories recently. I think the beautiful spring days are the reason why. I've been trying to acquire more foot friendly shoes that are just as beautiful as heels, and these seem to be doing the trick. =)



BFD 2012.

This past weekend, I went to BFD again. Honestly guys, BFD is spectacular because you pay like 40 dollars and get to see an abundance of bands. Most other festivals make you save the whole year to go and you barely get to see everyone on the lineup. At BFD I always get to see everyone I want to see. Last year I got to see some of the finest bands and this year was no exception. I saw several bands, but I'm only going to talk about the ones that really made an impact on me. I already mentioned in my last post about seeing Geographer. They were the first band I saw and as I've said before and will say again, they were "mind-blowingly" marvelous. I always love when a band uses a groovy (yeah I just used that word) instrument. In Geographer's case, they use the cello.  Geographer had a very laid back and relaxed feel. After Geographer, I saw Grouplove which had the completely opposite effect.

I had heard a few of Grouplove's songs beforehand and liked them. I didn't love them like I did Geographer. However, after their amazing performance I changed my mind. The presence this band has is incredible. The minute they stepped on stage I was screaming my head off. The whole entire band was jumping, dancing, and anything else to convey the joy they were feeling while performing. I felt the love they have for their music, which I don't see that often from people. Hannah Hooper is one of the lead singers and my new girl crush. This woman is crazy cool. I've never seen anyone dance as hard as she did and have a smile on the whole time. Her dancing made me dance and I wondered if I could ever be as cool as her? Also to add the cherry on top she has amazing style. She wore a white lace dress and spiked boots. Now if that doesn't equal awesome, I don't know what the hell does.

The Naked and Famous were on the main stage and we had lawn seats so it really affected my ability to fully enjoy them. I couldn't get that amazing feeling you get from being a few feet away from the band. The lead singer's, Alisa, vocals are bananas. They sound exactly the same live as online. I'm not writing much, but seriously I was so far away I couldn't get much else besides the fact that they are awesome and Alisa is super cute. I have a new goal of seeing the Naked and Famous in a smaller venue, so I can fully enjoy their phenomenal music.
Can't wait for BFD next year!!