Down by the Water.

I can't believe we finally did this shoot! This shoot was inspired by the song, Down by the Water by the Drums - which I heard months ago. We've been talking about doing this shoot for a very long time. We needed everything to be perfect, so once I found this dress from H&M  we finally got everything together and were off. Even though we were ready, nature had other plans for us. 

When we got to the park we had to go in circles trying to find the perfect spot, where it wasn't too bright or too dark. After about 20 minutes of walking we finally found the place than we noticed two ducks getting out of the water and getting really close to us. At first we thought, ok... we'll just move a little, but they kept following us, so we moved a little farther, but they stalked us until we were almost by our cars. We were really creeped out and even had thoughts of leaving. But the ducks flew away thankfully, and we went about our business. The duck came back after a little while, but this time he just wanted to be in the photographs with me. He was really good at posing, I see a bright career for him!

The Drums - Down By The Water 

Dress: H&M($50), Jacket: Target: ($38), Shoes: Steve Madden($14), Gold Chain Bracelet: Ellen Tracy(TJ Maxx - $16), Tear-drop Stones bracelet: TJ Maxx($20), Blue Bracelet: Banana Repulic($20), Ring-to-Wrist Bracelet: Urban Outfitters($), Ring: H&M($6)


  1. That's a good song indeed! Great photos, I love your dress so pre-summer! I can imagine it at music festivals. :)

    You look stunning and it's so nice to see spring taking shape!

    Fashion Ranger

  2. Thank you, you always leave the best comments!

  3. Love this maxi dress! Gorgeous photos!


  4. Im in LOVE with this post! Love the setting and your dress! :)


  5. @Judy - Thank you! H&M is just blows my mind sometimes!
    @Masoom - Thank you! Great new post by the way, loved that you wore your mom's shirt with the yellow jeans.

  6. Nice Song :DD
    I love your dress and your pink ring ^^
    You look amazing =)