Goodbye July!

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I feel like July went by so fast! I'm actually glad because July is the hottest month and I'm ready for colder temperatures. All of my recent purchases have been very Fall/Winter hmmm. I think my wardrobe is hinting it's ready for Fall, which not only means new clothing, it also means school! I've seen so many backpacks on tumblr that I've convinced myself I need one for this semester.                                                                                                                        A


Just Believe.

Top: Banana Republic, Skirt: Asos, Heels: Zara, Jewelry: Forever 21

An outfit post?! What craziness! Anywhoo ... I got this black silk top from Banana Republic, and it is like wearing a cloud. This is my first silk top, ever and let me just say everyone should have at least one silk top, they last longer and feel so good agianst the skin. I know they usually cost more, but I recommend investing in one or like me finding one on sale! I got this skirt on sale at Asos a while ago, and wow it is lovely. I've been lusting after a lace skirt after seeing this photo. I plan on overusing these pieces. 


New Navy - Breathe (Télépopmusik Cover) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by future classic


Confessions of a Shoeaholic.

Boots: Dolce Vita

It is no secret that I'm a shoe fanatic, but I had a special love affair with these boots. I have been gawking at them for over a year now. I waited patiently for them to go on sale, but when they did my shoe size and color was not available. My hope to ever own these lovelies seemed gone... however, randomly on Amazon I found them for $30! It felt too good to be true, but lo and behold they are perfect! 



J's life via Instagram.

So we're basically going to post pictures J's posted on Instagram because as you know, no time for our usual shoots. She's been taking them since March and these are the first six. 

1. New rings at the time from a vendor @ Great Mall.
2. Rebecca Minkoff bag S and J fell in love with and couldn't afford...as usual.
3. Brunch @ home, made by J.
4. Frozen yogurt while shopping for a shoot (S and J are real stylists on the side btw)
5. Behind the scenes from S and J's first ever men's shoot. (We'll post of the finished version soon!)



Instagram Love.

Here is another weekly installment of my instagram photos. I know we really need to do a outfit post. I promise to do it soon! My summer classes are almost done! =)

1. My Zara lion tank. This is one of the softest tanks I own. 
2. New Zara wedges S just bought. 
3. Aren't these the cutest sandals?!
4. The perfect t-shirts to beat the hot summer sun. 
5. Insanely good Nutella crepe I had at Squat & Gobble.
6. Almost good Strawberry Blintz w/ Ricotta crepe S had. It wasn't as good as the first time she had it, maybe it has to do with the different locations - S wants to go back with J and try it again at the Haight-Ashbury one, where they had it the first time.  
7. I have become obsessed with taking photos of my coffee. 

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My lovely shoes.

This book shelf can't fit all of my shoes and can only fit a tiny portion of my books, but it sure does make the ones that can fit, look very pretty. I've been wanting a proper display in my room for my shoe obsession, and finally found my solution at Ikea. I wanted my shoes to be the first things I saw in the morning and the last things at night, I know I'm a weirdo. I think I'll stop here before I reveal more distributing attributes about myself.



Gold Affair.

I've been eyeing this ear cuff at Asos for a while now, waiting for the right time to buy it...which is code for sale.  After months of waiting it finally did, and I pounced. It has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It combines my love of gold and spikes.



Instagram Love.

Instagram is the answer to my laziness. I get really tired of lugging my camera around everywhere and there is always the added fear of it being left somewhere or me dropping it. Instagram is the solution to these problems and it's so addictive. I wanted to share with you guys my favorite photos I've taken this past week. 

1. and 2. Fourth of July celebration in SF. 
3. My new Asos penguin shirt with my Zara beetle neckalce. 
4. My new Zara sandals I've never loved a pair of sandals so much.
5. My newly died wet hair. =0
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