Jar of Hearts.

Jacket:Banana Republic($150), Shirt: H&M($13), Skirt: H&M($16), Tights: Target($5), Wedges: Sam Edelman( $65), Rings: Forever 21($5), Necklace: Macy's ($20)


A little something and some sweetness.

Hey everyone! So I did take some photos today, but they didn't come out right because of some technical difficulties =/.  I couldn't help myself and had to post some of the pictures because I'm in love with them. I'm hoping if all goes well I can have the outfit posted tomorrow. On a happier note, today I made chocolate chip cookies with Oreos stuffed inside! I know it sounds gross, but they are so yummy! It took two tries for me to get it right. The first time I took them out of the oven too early (guess I was to excited =D).


Do what you will.

Hey guys, so this outfit post is going to be very casual. This was mostly for comfort and to keep warm from the cold front that is currently invading Nor-Cal. I was going to wear jeans but I have these magical tights from Target that are a lot warmer than any pair of jeans I own. As you can tell in the photos I look very depressed. That's mainly because the weather-person said there was a very high chance that we were going to be experiencing SNOW! 

I was so excited; I've been waiting for it to snow for years now... hoping every winter that global-warming would screw-up our weather and rain white-fluff. Alas, this is not what happened. Instead, it rained for a while and than it was just really cold =(. It's 39 degrees right now, so the only thing I can do is watch Criminal Minds because I know if I step outside I will freeze. By the way, who else watches Criminal Minds? It's my new favorite obsession! 


Hat:Target($20), Coat:Gap($40), Shirt: Marshall's($8), Shorts: Forever 21($20), Tights: Target($5), Oxfords: Kohls($5), Jewelry: Forever 21($5-10)


Reel around the fountain.

Dress: Banana Republic ($), Ring: Unknown($20), Bracelet: Ellen Tracy($17), Necklace: Ellen Tracy($20), Pumps: Steve Madden($40).


Trip to Santana Row.

Hello, hello, hello! How are you guys? We've been been busy with life. A's at home for the long-weekend and S&J came back from a trip with their friends to a casino, didn't really win much but had a lot of fun! We'll post some pictures up soon...we took the following pictures when we went shopping last week. We also had cupcakes from Kara's Cupcakes and they were really good, but they still don't beat Sprinkles...they're the best!


But, so is Winter. (Continuation of Spring is here.)

The weather has been really interesting here in the Bay Area. One week it's Winter and the next it feels like Spring. We really didn't have a true Winter this year so far and already the trees are blossoming. It was really cold yesterday and it's supposed to rain all week. This is what our kooky brains came up with!
It's Winter. 
It really is. You can tell because there's a gloomy feeling, but it's still awesome because of all the great winter clothes you get to wear.
But than Spring comes along happily, bringing all that sunshine.
You can almost feel Winter bracing itself.
Winter: "Dude, what are you doing here? It's still my time you know!"
Spring: Hey, don't blame me. It's California and there's really serious-important stuff called climate change...anyway, I'm happy and bring sunshine!"
Winter and Spring: What can we do?! 
Except exist together! So kids, don't forget to layer!
Spring: Check out the previous post for details.
Winter: Coat: Gap($40), T-Shirt: BR($9), Sweater-Vest: BR($20), Skirt: BR($20), Boots: Dolce Vita($76), Bag: Target($20), Rings: Forever 21($2-$6)


Spring is here.

Shirt: H&M($13), Skirt: Audrey 3+1 from Generation X(SF) ($13), Belt: Thrifted($2), Bag: Uknown(really old), Tights: Urban Outfitters($13), Rings: Forever21($3-6), Necklace: Forever21($8), Flats:Chinese Laundry (Macy's - $35), Cardigan: BR($20), Hat: Target($12)