Butterfly Net.

After a week of horrible weather and rain, the sun came out and A decided it was the perfect opportunity to go catch some rare blue butterflies. She had heard a fable that if you caught four of these butterflies you were granted one wish. She drove down to the field where some sightings were reported. She got there and saw the majestic creatures. She tried to catch them, but missed purposely every time. She realized she couldn't catch the butterflies for her own gain, she had to let them be free. 

So, she began to frolic and play with them. Little did A know, that rare blue butterflies were very intelligent and they really liked her presence and began to follow her. A noticed this and tested if they would listen to her if she commanded them to fly somewhere... and they did! She was so excited! She was now the rare blue butterfly queen.

Butterfly Nets - Bishop Allen

Hope you enjoyed the story, sometimes I feel like our stories sound like we made them up when we were high...but we weren't, say no to drugs kids! This story is all A and while she wasn't actually high when writing this, we were so tired today that if you saw either one of us you might think that we were. This shoot was fun because we finally found a spot with a bunch of flowers and the sun was shining. 

When we got there, we couldn't find a legitimate parking space, so we ended up parking in a no-trespassing zone because no one was there. This was on a college campus and it was deserted - because of Spring Break. We were there for maybe two minutes and we found out that it wasn't deserted after all, a security guard came and asked us what we were doing. We told him that we just wanted to take pictures of the pretty flowers while making sweet innocent faces at him and trying to look harmless - not that we aren't of course. :) We said we just needed ten minutes, so he talked to his supervisor and agreed and said he would come back in ten. We took these pictures as fast  as possible and got out of there before the guard came back. 


Top: American Rag($32), Skirt: BCBG Generation($28), Sandals: Deena & Ozzy($35), Necklace: Forever21($7), Gold and Coral Bracelet: Forever21($6), Ring-to-Wrist Bracelet: Urban Outfitters($8)


  1. Gorgeous photographs, love the lighting.


  2. beautiful photos!:) i <3 the last one.
    they look so fab with butterflies :)
    and nice outfit, too! I can't wait till I can wear it here, in Lithuania :)

  3. these pictures are so lovely! really make me miss summer. x


  4. Loving the cute little tale woven for the pictures. Setting is brilliant. :)


  5. beautiful job with the photos! i adore butterflies and this colour of blue..making me dream of summer!

  6. these are such darling photos! thank you for sharing, i like how you've put touches of blue butterflies =)


  7. Just came across these pictures on Stylepile.
    They are gorgeous. I just love the lighting and the spontaneity of these photographs.