Maximal Perigee.

Writing's a funny thing, sometimes when you want to write really badly nothing happens and sometimes out of nowhere you're struck with lightening. This is not one of those times though, but I will ramble about the moon, the weather, these photographs, life...

We took these picture for the website J and I are starting. We're actually personal shoppers and wardrobe consultants. We really want to be stylists, but haven't gotten any big opportunities to do published work. We have styled some fashion shows...anyway, Spring is so beautiful and putting nature together with material items brings out their beauty even more. I love how shallow and deep fashion can be sometimes, this is not one of those times though. 

Today is the day of the super-moon, also known as Maximal Perigee. All three of us are trying to get a glimpse at it, but we haven't succeeded yet. It's much too rainy and cloudy. I love clouds and rain; I usually welcome them, this is not of those times though.

I wish it would clear a little bit. The clouds, the rain, my mind, my life. It's all so melancholy. So hard. Trying to see through the clouds. Wishing it was the super-moon and not more clouds. Until next time folks.


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