These are from last year.

This was a shoot that J (for Jasmine) and I (Sona) did last year. If you sometimes check out our blog you know that we were living in Mumbai these past few months. Well we're back home and just finished working on a movie (!!!!!). So I have a little time to update this poor abandoned baby and while A (Arjoo...I don't know why we were using the initials...I think it was a Gossip Girl phase thing) hasn't gotten a chance to take pictures (college)...I thought why not update with these (our favorite shoot so far). We worked with a great team; Rummy Makmur (Photographer), Inna Mathews (Makeup) and Morgan O. (Model). This photo-shoot was also published in Content (based in San Jose) magazine. ... let's see, these images belong to their respective owners, please don't use them in any manner, blah blah you know the deal... and until next time, no promises as to sooner or later, but you obviously know better.