Florals and Beautiful Days.

Top: Lush ($4.99), Skinnies: Maison Jules ($24.99), Shoes: Dolce Vita ($24.99), Watch: Michael Kors ($180), Handbag: Michael Kors ($199.99)

I just have to mention that I practically live in these skinnies, they're the most comfortable pair I've ever owned.  They're actually jeggings but since I've always just hated jeggings, I try to address them as skinnies :-).  I think I'll go to Macy's and get another pair for when these fade out.  As for more blog posts, well there's always camera issues and laziness issues getting in the way.



Black and White. And some Blue.

Top: Soprano ($19.99), Pants: Maison Jules ($25.00), Shoes: Dolce Vita ($24.99), Watch: Michael Kors ($180), Handbag: H&M ($24.99)

As you can tell from Jasmine's face in a lot of the pictures, it was crazy bright - but we didn't have a choice, as Arjoo was going to leave for Paris and London (that's right!) and needed the camera, so we only had that half an hour to take pictures. Pretty impressive, considering... that's right so modest. Anyway love black and white together, it's classic, and right now it's also on trend. 


A Neon Sunset.

Top: Pleoine ($19.99), Skirt: Banana Lemon ($8.99), Shoes: Vince Camuto ($38.99), Watch: Marc Jacobs ($180)

It's kind of hard to believe, but yes this is a new post. Let's let that sink in for a while. A lot has happened since the last few posts - J and I came back from our 6 month stint in Mumbai - which we have such fond memories of, even the bad days were special because it was our first time living by ourselves and we can't wait to go back. We've worked on a movie, did a photo-shoot series with kids for the first time, started an online styling business with Keaton Row - which is a slow start. So, the need to let out our creative juices flowing, finally brought us back to our old blog. A is really busy right now, so J and I are going to try to keep updating because we feel like we're being productive and it also helps us feel inspired, plus it's just so much fun - we forgot that for a while.