Ode to Grandma.*

This all started with a vintage sweater. Actually, this really started when the rain cleared for about 15 minutes and we thought we should take some pictures. At first we were planning on using a different dress that we wanted to pair with this vintage sweater - which is originally J's grandma's. It's about 50 years old and she wore it first, than J's mom and now finally J. It's a cute sweater, but it didn't really work with the other dress. One thing lead to another and we ended up in J's upstairs storage-closet and saw this dress, which is probably almost 10 years old. We had an outfit. We really wanted to go along with the 'grandma' theme and looked through J's mom jewelry. We found these beads, pearls, used some of her rings and an old gold watch. 

Once we were done with the hair and make-up and ready to shoot, it started not just raining, but pouring! So, we used my polka-dot umbrella that just went with the theme. In the end, we all ended up getting a little wet, the floor was a mess, but needless to say the pictures came out pretty cute.

*Not actually an ode...although photographs do have a certain poetry to them.


Sweater: Vintage (J's Grandma's), Dress: Lapis (Ross: $20), Shoes:Nine West (Marshalls: $30), Watch: Bentex (Bought in India about 15 years ago for around $160), Pashima Scarf from India ($100), Bug Ring: Generation X(SF-$10), Butterfly Ring: Forever21 ($5), Emerald beads, ruby beads, and pearls (J's mom's)


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