Le 'Equestrian.'

Cape/Coat: Leith from Nordstrom, Gloves: Last Call Neiman Marcus, Boots: Halogen (Nordstrom), Necklace: Forever 21 

Can't not have the boots again and also how beautiful is that coat.



The Gold Sweater.

Look who showed up from the previous post!
A: "OMG your boots are so beautiful!"  J: "OMG your sweater is the most awesome sweater in this world!"
Gold cardigan & Green skirt: H&M, T-shirt: Nordstrom, Necklace: Forever 21, Shoes: Material Girl (Macy's)


Them boots.

Sweater: Michael Kors (Macy's), Bag: Vintage, Gold cuff and Giraffe bracelet: Forever 21, Vintage cuff with stone: Black & Brown, Ring: Jewel Mint, Boots: Halogen (Nordstrom)

I wish the title could say it all because I'm so sleepy, but I should totally mention that the bag is vintage, it belonged to J's mom and she's been using it for months now...it has so many compartments, the color is amazing and you can pretty much wear it everyday, all day. We take it to all our photo-shoots because it has room for things like safety-pins and tape. Utterly fantastic. J had been looking for sweaters to add to her sweater-lacking Fall/Winter closet and this Michael Kors one, which she snagged for only $30 by the way from Macy's, is just what she needed. So soft, comfortable and that color.... 

I am about to doze off with my laptop still in my lap...giraffe bracelet, from Forever 21, is so adorable and I'm totally going to borrow it soon. I don't know if we ever talked about the vintage store Black and Brown, which is in San Jose...it's a great place and we've found some really great pieces there - that cool cuff with the triangle 'stone' is from there...I totally wanna call it rad. That is not a word I use in my vocabulary...this is what happens when I'm sleepy. On an endnote, let me repeat the title. Them boots. Yeah. Possibly the most beautiful brown boots on this planet. I went there.

Oh and if you think she's holding something in her hands, that's a candy cane, cause it's almost Christmas!! All three of us were eating them when we took these pictures and a bunch more, which you will see in the coming days. 

Night folks.


Chanel Pre-Fall 2012

Hi all, I know it's late and as A says, you know how life is and how it loves to get in the way!  All three of us have been wanting to write about Chanel's Pre-Fall 2012 collection but just never got a chance to do so.  I have been missing in action and thought I'd make a come back on the blog :-)  I just finished wrapping all of my Christmas presents and going with my Christmas tradition, I was drinking wine while wrapping up all my presents... so I admit that I'm a little buzzed right now!  Alright, no more rambling and now onto the Chanel show and what I thought about it.

I was so psyched to hear that the collection was inspired by India and the theme of the show was Bombay meets Paris.  I went onto Style.com as soon as I got a chance to check out the new collection by Lagerfeld.  For me Chanel's runway shows are always beyond the clothes, it's always a beautiful experience with an extraordinary runway setup that's trying to tell a story.  The show definitely held up to  that this time as well...I loved the runway set-up and from what I've read on Twitter, it actually smelled of tuberose...that must've been exquisite.  When I started to look at the collection, I instantly fell in love with the jewelry, it had all the Indian essentials from the necklaces to the earrings, maang tikkas to the nose-rings.  I also quite like the straight simple silhouettes of some of the outfits and how they were so reminicent of the maharajas in olden India.  However, I have to admit that my excitement died down pretty quickly because most of the outfits just felt so out of place and some were downright tacky, don't know if it was just me but the collection just didn't feel cohesive.  I know I'm talking about Lagerfeld (whom I love btw) but I thought the collection could've been so much better!  I appreciate the outfits where Indian silhouettes have been used, like the off-whites that look like dhotis, jodhpurs, and churidaars paired up with achkans but some where just staple Chanel outfits thrown on the runway with Indian accessories :-(  

Above are a few outfits that I think depicted the theme very well, these ensembles had a complete mix of Chanel and India.

Well, that's it for now because I'm so damn sleepy...I shall be back soon!



Hoping and wishing.

Winter break has started which means me on tumblr drooling over amazing pieces I wish were in my closet. Isn't the bright pink dress at the end to die for?!


Santa Barbara.

 This was the view we woke up to! We went for a walk right when we saw this...
Downtown Santa Barbara
Don't you just love old-timey things?
They had a pub named after the famous author James Joyce, how cool is that?! I would totally go here!
Yellowstone Clothing Inc. A thrift store that was pretty cool, but totally needed to make their sweaters cheaper.
This was an open Indian market right across from the thrift store...they had some pretty great shoes for great prices, but everything else seemed a bit over-priced.
Hints of Fall during our trip back.
Doesn't the name 'Golden State' feel apt when you look at this? I'm 99% sure these were grapes and we saw this view a couple of times during our trip - they had all changed color into shades of gold and burnt orange.