Jane Doe 007

Hello everyone! So this outfit was really fun to do because we've been discussing it for a while, but just needed the dress to complete the look. I've been waiting for so long for a beautiful, comfortable maxi and thankfully H&M had this ferocious little thing. To complete this look we needed a floppy hat, so we headed over to Target. Haven't been to Target in a while so everything was new and holy crap they had some cool stuff. As you can see I'm wearing a knuckle ring! Yes I officially have a knuckle ring, it's crazy that Target had it! There was some really awesome jewelry, will head over there later this week to get another ring I really wanted. I'm so ready for Spring! All I've been buying now is Spring and Summer clothes because, for me, winter is officially over! 

Also on a different subject, do you guys care if we stopped putting the prices up for our clothes? We put the prices up because when we browse other blogs, we are always curious to know how much the price of certain items are to see if we could afford it or not. We also tend keep our outfits under $200 and it usually gets that high because nice shoes are so expensive...although we have gotten some good deals. We almost always buy items on sale, etc. to keep the prices low because we just don't have the money to buy designer, hell we don't even have the money to buy regular price from a department store. So...the whole point of that rant was, do you care if we put the prices up? We will try to keep the outfits under $200 as always but there's always exceptions...so let us know if you guys care, either way.

On a final note, check out this song...

 Safari Disco Club by YELLE

Dress:H&M($20), Jacket: Glimmer($45), Scarf: Target($14), Flats: Target($20), Rings: All from Target($8 each), Hat: Target($14)


  1. Absolutely! It's better when prices are included, just like mags. Though I hate when magazines have the couture $4000 version and then the "cheaper" version for us, but the cheaper version is onlyyy $500..

    Cute, matching the song to the outfit!

  2. Wow! I need H&M in my life here! You look lovely. The maxi is fiery!

  3. Love the outfit! <3
    So spring-y.

  4. Hi, I love the outfit and I love the colors on your nails! What nail polishes have you used?

  5. S3- I know right! The magazine version of cheap is never cheap.
    Frenchleaveblog and Style drive- Thanks!
    AnnetteElisaNatalie- Thanks! The colors are O.P.I rumples wiggin, steel gray from Rimmel London, and China Glaze I don't know the name though.