Wind in my hair.

Sweater: Free People ($90), Shorts: H&M($15), Wedges: Jessica Simpson($90), Bracelet: TJ Maxx($20), Rings: Forever 21($3-$6), Sunglasses: DKNY($30)

When taking pictures for the blog, we usually avoid the bright sun - meaning pretty much the whole day until after 6 nowadays. Why? The light is too harsh, which makes editing photos a bitch and it causes the 'the squinty face.' But, yesterday we had to go to Palo Alto for something so we decided to stop by at The Baylands (largest area of undisturbed marshland remaining in the San Francisco Bay). It's beautiful there and it's possibly the best to place to bird watch in the the Bay Area. 

We drove all the way to the end, parked, and walked on a bridge to get to a place that sorta makes you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, we felt pretty awesome until we got to the end. Holy mother of S! (J's words because I asked why is it that only god has a holy mother?) It was WINDY! Like, I bet Chicago hasn't seen wind like this - things, specifically shoe boxes and sunglasses, were about to fall in the water. J almost fell off of that bench and it was so cold, we both had goosebumps the whole time. It was the hardest I've ever had to work at taking pictures. In some pictures you can tell J has 'the squinty face' even with sunglasses, but I was impressed because she got it be relaxed for most of them. My models are totally getting professional! 

Oh and you saw the picture of that sign (Why is it so windy here?). Right when we entered that square we asked the same question and thanks to the city of Palo Alto, had an answer just as we turned. In case you were wondering as well. :)



  1. beautiful pictures, i love the rings and the whole outfit. xx!

  2. lovely pictures...the blue sky backdrop highlights the beauty of the outfit even more...

    love everything about it huney<3

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous! My favorites are those cocktail rings though - so jealous!

  4. You look so beautiful!!!!

    great blog,

  5. Your outfit smells summer!!! Amazing photos :)


  6. Lovely outfit!

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  7. looove the accesorices! the ring&bracelet

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