Backless dresses and beautiful shoes.

Images via tumblr, we heart it, and Sole struck

This post is to dedicated to...you guessed it, dresses and shoes! Specifically, backless dresses and unique shoes. I love when a dress is all normal in the front, but than BAM you turn it around and it has the coolest back ever! I don't own a dress like that right now, but I intend to. I already chose some dresses at Urban that I would like to get and this is one of them!

Ahh.... shoes, I constantly think about shoes and it doesn't matter what kind - booties, sandals, platforms... I don't discriminate, I love 'em all! I have purchased many shoes, but now I plan on getting more daring ones like the purple leopard-print booties on top. The possibilities these booties have are limitless! I think I could talk about shoes for hours and never get bored. Some may call this a problem, but I call it love. Sorry for the lack of posts, our schedules have been hectic these few days. Hopefully, today will be a productive day and we can shoot (fingers crossed). Ok, I shall stop rambling and try to fall asleep. Good night!



  1. i agree with you, a dress with an interesting back is such an unexpected surprise when you turn around! and nothing goes better with that that a unique shoe. i love those cosmic wedges!


  2. They are all so amazing!


  3. love the shoes on the 4th picture! amazing:) XX

  4. Love these photos!

  5. LOVED THE shoes !!!! loved your blog btw ! take a look to mine bye xo !


    Rafaella Online XOXO!