Simple love.

Sweater: H&M($30),Shoes: Micheal Kors(Thrifted-$36),Jeans: Marshall's($15),Bag: Asos($17),and Metal Tiger Engraved Cuff: Asos($8)

This is one of my favorite outfits! I just love wearing the soft-comfy sweater with jeans. This is also my go to outfit when I just can't figure out what the hell I'm going to wear. I apologize for my hair it was so windy today which made it extremely difficult for me to find decent pictures to post and there are some blurry ones...I was trying something new. Some worked, some didn't.

Just a side note, I entered the Crossroads fashion photo contest and it would mean the world to me if you could vote for me! =) All you need to do, to vote, is enter your name and email; it's super easy! Here's the link.


  1. Great outfit!

  2. I love the purse and the wedges.