Fallward Planning.

These pictures are from a Fall (obviously!) shoot J and I did about a month and a half ago and the photographer ended up making it look like an editorial, which is cool because then we can imagine that it actually got published in some magazine. We really loved picking the clothes for this shoot because it was very lifestyle, so we could actually wear the outfits exactly the way they're paired in real-life...which is good because you know, look at the clothes...but also really bad because then you want to keep clothes worth hundreds of dollars.

This shoot felt like an adventure...you probably can't tell but this was shot in really tiny room at some guy's apartment with lots of dogs, which not only are we deathly afraid of but also allergic to and also a cat - and you know they're very creepy because they just sit there and stare at you. Let's just say the experience was interesting, but hey the results are totally worth it! Not only did the pictures come out nicely, we got to work with a great team and meet a bunch of really cool people! Always a plus!

Oh and we'll post a full-shot of the dress and a standing shot of the gold-sweater look as soon as we get them.



  1. S & J, this is amazing! Congratulations!!! I think the editorial style looks amazing, you should do this for all your photos/portfolio:)
    p.s. I want that Nordstrom coat:)

  2. Hey Sheena!! Thanks for all the love...but yeah unfortunately not every shoot can be done like this because it just depends on the photographer, plus most of them are actually test shoots. OMG, yeah we all want the Nordstrom coat, and the BR coat and everything else! Hahaha...but the Nordstrom coat is like heaven.


  3. Brilliant post!!! You've got an amazing blog - looking forward to more posts from you. :-) Have a great weekend! :-)