nyfw. day 4. part 2.

Prabal Gurung
Flares. Yes. Cape. Yes. Insect Button. Yes.
It's a rainbow in a dress. But in a good way.
Red carpet.
For the love of god. Zoe Saldana should wear this.
When I first looked at this collection I gawked at it like I gawk at the couture collections. I was enamored. I still am, but once the haze wore off I didn't like some of the sleeves and there were some ruffles I didn't appreciate. These looks on the top are my absolute favorites and I really hope someone wears this stuff on the red carpet. Totally want to to see Sonam Kapoor wear the last dress. Also, yeh for insect jewelry! 

Monique Lhuillier
I don't wear red, but if I did and was of course a more glamorous version of myself I totally would, possibly in the future when I'm famous. 
That jacket.
It would be cool to see Blake Lively wear this. 
This beginning of this collection didn't inspire as much enthusiasm as the end, for obvious reasons. I really do like the grander vision of fashion. All of these pieces would be perfect for the red carpet and I totally imagined the last gown on Penelope Cruz when I saw this. 

Printed frickin' jodhpurs (even if slimmed down). Somebody rock this for me.
The skirt. The weave, the tassels and the medallions.  
Aaand there's a black one and all those tassels!
Texture. Print. 
Pattern. Green.
It's like a gypsy-pirate-sailor girl. 
images courtesy style.com 

A lot of people loved this collection, I love this collection. People have their reasons, whatever they may be. Mine was the gypsy theme. Altuzarra chose Corto Maltese, the protagonist of an adult French comic from the sixties and seventies, as his starting point. "He was a sailor, his mom was a gypsy, and his dad was Venetian." You know how much we love Gipsies, I know if A hasn't seen this collection, once she does...she'll love it - just because of the inspiration. Now only if we could get one of the dresses (last two pictures) and redo that shoot. 


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