nyfw. day 4. part 1.

When I was looking through this collection I started spacing out because I was all meh, it's all right. Then, I saw these works of art! I just love it when designers get creative with knitwear and I've seen this somewhere before, but I can't remember now...anyhow, the first two pieces are awwwesome! The third piece kind of makes it look like the model's wearing a neck brace, but you know it's still kind of awesome. Also don't miss the back of the second look in the third picture.

Miguel Adrover
Adrover returned to fashion after eight years. I actually just learned about him when he showed his collection this Saturday and I saw tweets about him. Of course I had to look him up. Here's an article by Eric Wilson of the New York Times that will kind of give you a background on him; it is an opinion piece. I also looked up some of his work and have to say that it's important that there's always people in fashion who oppose the fashion world...it sounds a little redundant but you get what I mean. I know a lot of people, well people I know who think fashion is beneath them, will think what the hell - you can't wear that shit. But, it's not about wearing the clothes, but it's about the idea behind them and what the designer (artist is saying). Blah blah...you get it. I'm going to call him awesome. 
America. Raft. Sinking...entiendes? 
 You would actually see variations of this look in parts of India among the working class men and I'm sure parts of other countries as well where clothes aren't about fashion but utility. 

 Mara Hoffman
This collection reminded me of the desert, which has a mystical quality about it, as does this collection...duh. I'm getting tired. I liked the prints and I really liked the jewelry which was a collaboration with All For The Mountain. I don't like this last dress because the bust looks kind of lop-sided, but the headpiece is all kinds of cool. 

Wes Gordon

 So, dude (I can call him that because he's my age...yeah 25, people make me feel so unsuccessful sometimes, le sigh) here is really good. I loved how rich and luxurious this collection is and you know that's what you want most of the times from fashion, something grander. There were pieces that were just average, but overall really good stuff. Also, we're in flare territory, they're all over the place, but the ones in the third picture, black and gold, have to got to be my favorite - they can totally be used in an Indian outfit. :-D

Alexander Wang
I wouldn't have had a problem with this collection because I really liked all the textures, but the coats and jackets in the beginning had pockets right at the hip with brass buttons, was not feeling that. Then there were puff jackets - I hate puff jackets. Anyway, really love the black dress and love the second dress because it's all sporty on top and party at the bottom.

images courtesy style.com

This collection was also just in the below average category, but this picture is here because of that skirt, Armani Prive SS 2012 couture guys - that's all I have to say. Granted not as awesome, but hey in a cheaper version. Bird print was nice and some decent sweaters. This one is nice, wouldn't mind that in my closet. 


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