nyfw. day 5. part 1.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham continues to do her thing. While nothing ground-breaking, I always appreciate a consistent vision from a designer - like Herve Leger. This is a complete tangent, but hear me out. I dislike the bandage dress with a passion, nothing wrong with highlighting your bod...I think I've just seen too many Bollywood people wear it, Mumbai socialites love it as well, and its just lost its appeal, if it had any to begin with. Leger did update their collection with furs and leather detailing, but the harnesses (now I've made you curious, go to style.com) reminded me too much of horses for me to like them on women - the looks would be great for some editorial though. 

Derek Lam
 We're going to see a lot of this tiny print pattern in coming Fall, I've seen so many designers do variations of it. 

Love that the collar is accented with that color. 
Leather cap-sleeves. Understated awesomeness.
I always appreciate a good sweater and the long, flowing chiffon skirt is just the icing on the cake.

 You can always expect Donna Karan to do black and she did, but this time I enjoyed the color more. There were two other looks I liked (in color), but I really liked this print. There was a lot of leather in this collection, I saw it so much I didn't add any of the pieces to this list, but I do LOVE the leather piping on the skirt and the blazer.

Love the mixture of subdued colors here, especially with brown. 
Not sure if it's part of the neckline or it's just a necklace, but love it.
 Good mix of prints in this collection.

Catharine Malandrino
J and I are all about bralets right now, we're totally using them in our next shoot.
This coat is flawless.
 This collection was lush and sleek at the same time. It was also really well styled, the pops of color with the accessories really added to it and of course I loved how bright it was.

A big dose of volume is always fun.
 This collection was inspired by the movie 'The Leopard' by Luchino Visconti. My brother's been asking me to watch it - your random fact of the day.

Lela Rose
images courtesy style.com

 Some decent dresses and prints. Love the shoes with this dress, since I seem to be in a 20s frame of mind and I keep seeing everything 20s inspired everywhere. Also J and I just did a 20s inspired shoot. The dress is very pretty; would totally wear it, with a lining underneath of course. 

It's so hard to keep up with fashion week. I was hoping I'd be doing the reviews the same day as the shows happened by now, but it's just so much work looking through every collection and taking screen shots from style.com. It's xml, so I can't just drag the images to my desktop...lame I know! Hopefully, I'll be done with day five and six by tonight. I'm off now, J and I need to go shopping for our next shoot, so excited!


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