nyfw. day 3. part 2.

Helmut Lang
I really want this blazer. 
This collection is just really, really cool. It reminds of those movies in the 90s that were based in the future and I feel like if I time-traveled to save the world, this is exactly what I would wear. 

Rag and Bone
Love this sweater-dress and the leather-shoulder detail would totally come in handy when you carry a heavy bag, just saying - it has practical value. 
Really liked the ombre effect on this jacket, also need this in my life.
They're also one of the new brands and I have always liked them. This collection was inspired by England meets India. I didn't see that come through, maybe except the two jodhpurs they had in the collection, I guess. But, whatever...I could totally imagine wearing these looks head-to-toe in some really cold place, where it snows. 

Jason Wu
This is in the list because it reminded A of something Fran, from The Nanny, would wear. 
Love the cape!

Peter Som
I don't think I would ever wear that jacket, doesn't it look like a football player in gear, but I love the color and the idea of it. It would be great to use this in an editorial. 
The finishing on this fabric is very cool, if I was in the show Alias and undercover in one of the clubs they're always going to, this is what I would wear - except the pants wouldn't be as slouchy - I don't think you could kick enemy-ass in these. You're of course sensing a theme now...yeah, I can't wear a lot of this stuff in the suburbs...I need to move to city already and maybe become a fictional spy!

Doo. Ri
This collection is also one that's great in theory for me. It was cohesive and I loved the draping - I LOVE draping, but as with pretty much everyone, a lot of attention went to the shoulder and I just can't imagine it looking good on people who are short and not model-skinny. The sweater.
Again, the sweater.
Love this whole look.
The see-through fabric is really cool and she also did it on two other dresses at the shoulder, it's all about the shoulder...you saw the football-player jacket at Peter Som. But yeah, not attractive on us mere mortals. 
Draped sweater. These two words together = best combination ever. 

Pamela Love
Larger images courtesy Style.com & smaller image courtesy fashionologie.com

This shouldn't be a surprise to you. All of us love her jewelry and I liked all the peices, so I'm not going to post every single picture. You can look at everything here.


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