The Boho Dance.

That vest just makes you feel fierce, but the feeling that comes from this whole outfit is so relaxed and easy. I'm calling it Boho-Fierce! Who thinks of Tyra and ANTM when I say the word fierce? I used to love watching that show, but than somewhere in the middle...went ehh. 

This outfit looks so good in real life...it took us three tries to get it to look like this. The first time we were losing light too fast, the wind was making the skirt cling to A and we were already running late for the crepe place. The second time, the sun was too bright in the background and we were near this gated-community...so people kept slowing down their cars whenever they would go down the road...granted we were pulled-over in a pretty narrow shoulder and the road is kind of small. Third time is the charm...no distractions, wind was blowing in a favoring direction, the sun was good... the things we do for this blog.

J's in Davis right now, far away from home and I just saw on Twitter that she "just had this mango kiwi popsicle at the Davis farmers market...such a cute place!" This is how we stalk each other, because hour-long conversations just aren't enough, when one of us goes out to town - which usually means one or two hours away...oh only if we actually went out of town - read out of state or out of country! This post just became super random. Peace. Enjoy the song.


Björk - The Boho Dance (Joni Mitchell)

Faux-Fur Vest: Hydraulic(Macy's - $10), Striped Tank: Mine($15), Skirt: Forever 21($21), Bag: Asos($17), Boots: Kelsi Dagger($35), Necklace: Harajuku Lovers($34), Pink and Orange Rings: Forever21($5-$7), Turquoise Ring: Target($8), Demong Ring: Gas Station($10), Cuff: Forever 21($5), Metal Tiger Engraved Cuff: Asos($8), Belt: BR($25)


  1. Love the long skirt and that purple fur vest is awesome. I love fur vests.

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  2. The out looks really comfortable :) you look adorable in the forst pic...love your accessories!

  3. such pretty photos! i'm really digging the whole long skirts as separates nowadays, they're quite hard to find though!