Burnt-Umber by the Vines.

All of us have been meaning to check out the thrift/vintage stores in this area for a while now. There are so many nice ones in San Francisco, but we wanted to find one or two places that were closer to home. We kept talking about it, but it kept getting postponed. A and I were near downtown and decided that instead of going back home, why not visit at least one store. J had an unexpected guest show up at her house, so she couldn't make it...so it was just the two of us. 

A's phone wasn't very helpful in finding directions, so we chose to drive and figure it out ourselves...and guess what? We found a store, not the one we were originally looking for, but hey! It's called Black and Brown and it was spectacular. The place looks amazing, it's quite big and in the first minute A found those sequin platforms, Michael Kors, for only $36! Aren't they just gorgeous?! The skirt is also from there...we'll be going to another one soon and we'll be sure to take pictures. We're definitely going back to this place again, all three of us, and going to act like deranged crazy people who can't speak but only scream incoherently...because seriously it was like crack to a drug addict, we liked so many things - too bad we don't have an unlimited supply of money.

Top: H&M($12), Skirt: Thrifted($24), Shoes: Micheal Kors(Thrifted-$36), Bag: Asos($15), Turquoise Ring: Forever21($5), Pearl Bracelet: BR($9), Necklace: Macy's($18), Belt: Forever21($6), Animal Print Bangles: H&M($6.50 for a set of 4)


  1. I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because it led me to yours! You ladies have such great, unique style, and it's really nice to see some diversity in the fashion-blog-o-sphere! I'll be following!


  2. nice outfit! i'm in love with that skirt :)