When the stars don't shine.

It was so cold last night when we shot this at 11:45 and than the camera battery died in the middle, while I was taking the pictures because I completely forgot to check if it was charged or not. However, it was definitely fun for J, to stand on the hood of the car - which was still warm and me taking those pictures - in a neighborhood overlooking two cities. Wish we could've captured the brightness of the lights...

Oh and if you wish to see a clearer picture of the dress, you can see it here.

Dress: Rachel Roy($45), Faux-Leather Jacket: Target($38), Necklace: Self-made using necklace from Forever 21 and other places($18), All Silver Ring: Forever21($3.80), 2nd Ring: Forever21($5.80), Shoes: Mia(Marshall's - $35)


  1. Such cute pictures and i really like your shoes! :)

  2. I love your black leather jacket xxx

  3. I love the last two photos - the sign, the model, and the background:) J, it says no loitering..such a rebel child you are:)

  4. Haha Sheena...it's technically not loitering if you're not idle..we were not just waiting around and doing nothing...I wonder if the cops would've bought that...


  5. @Carlinn, @Karin - Thank you for the lovely comments.