Trying to think just what is next.

Top:Forever 21, Skirt:Forever 21, Boots: Kelsi Dagger, Hat: Target

I have had Knees by Peter and Kerry on repeat for the past three hours now. It's a type of song that makes you daydream about the past, joyful and the not so joyful, events.  The song is invigorating in a strange way. Peter's voice is spellbinding so it makes it tough to stop listening to. What makes the song so great is the lack of numerous instruments, so the focus is on the vocals. Since this song is so mesmerizing, I strongly recommend not listening to this when you're doing your homework, working, or anything that requires your undivided attention. 


Peter and Kerry - Knees by Tape Club Records


  1. Your hat and your t-shirt are both so fantastic!