My dream is done. I'm still in love.

Sweater: Vintage, Shorts: Forever 21, Flats: Urban Outfitters

The weather has yet to fall to temperatures that I've been hoping for, but I'll take this semi-windy weather. I finally get to debut my new sweater and flats! The sweater has the perfect amount of grandma feel to it for my liking. I love electric blue, so when I saw these flats on sale at Urban I knew I had to have them and the ankle strap was the whipped cream on the sundae. 

My current music crush is Wildchild. If you are a fan of She and Him (like me!) then you will  love this band. If you want to immerse yourself in a song and never come back then it has to be their song Pillow Talk. I grabbed my headphones and laid under this warm October sun and turned this song on and let it try and take my troubles fade away.  

Pillow Talk by WildChildSounds


  1. Loving the pop of electric blue on the feet! :)

  2. love ur shorts, and the color touch of ur shoes! very nice :)

  3. Love the whole look with the burst of Blue color.

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