My love affair with music.

I was thinking today, while I was doing yoga and listening to music, why I don't post at least once a week about music on this blog. I'm constantly telling friends, family, and strangers at my favorite coffee shop what to listen to, so why not you? At least when I write about my passion for a song it doesn't sound as creepy and stalkerish as in real life. So on that note, (Get it note, and I'm talking about music. Sorry I love bad jokes.) I have decided that I will now start bothering you with my psycho love affair with music. I listen to anything that sounds good, so I will not be discriminating against any genre (well, maybe country which I only listen to in the Summer when I'm not in the right state of mind). To start off this week, I'm going to post Peso by ASAP Rocky. This song has been on repeat in my car for a while now. It's so hypnotizing, and I'm really into rappers who rap slower and sound like they're from the 90s.


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