Blue jeans.


I wanted to do a look with jeans since it's been a little while. We stopped by an empty lot which had a few trucks and I though it'd be fun if we took pictures with them. If I knew we were going to be taking pictures with the trucks, I would've tried to reenact one of my favorite Elle shoots with Erin Wasson, which was taken at a truck stop. We got a lot of looks from people passing by and not to mention people slowing down their cars. It's like they've never seen two girls climbing on trucks and taking photos. ;)


Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey by Radek Bayek


  1. cool jeans jacket and love your hat so much!

  2. Like the look..........specially the tee & necklace! :)

    You chose a great location for the shoot.....& people are the same everywhere... :P