Crown and Crumpet.

Photography: Bonnie Rae Mills, Styling: Ruak Styling, Makeup/Hair: Amy Lawson, Model: Amanda

Hi everyone! These are a few of the pictures from the latest shoot J and I styled. The pictures were taken at Crown & Crumpet. If you live in the Bay Area you might've heard of it; it's a Tea Room in Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco. Coincidentally, the owner was also in the same business as ours. She used to work for Ralph Lauren in London but then moved back to SF and opened this place up. You can just tell from the place that she has an eye for these things. She was so sweet and encouraging about everything! The shoot was definitely interesting, we got there before anyone else and had to wait quite a while. Finally, the owner, came and opened the place up and went to start the day and realized that the refrigerators had stopped working and much of the food had gone bad. She was on the phone the whole time we were preparing for the shoot. We wanted to help out, but there wasn't anything we could do. The place did end up opening for business. Oh and she made tea for us and it was delicious, as it was the 
last time we had it! 


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