Oh my Elie.

At every couture show,  I know I can count on Elie Saab to present the most ethereal gowns. As usual I'm yearning for all the angelic dresses but I found my favorites, as seen above, after admiring the collection for about an hour. Customarily you would see me drooling all over the long gowns, but I liked the shorter ones as well...maybe since it's Summer I'm being influenced by the weather or maybe it's because the dresses are everything I want...you know whatever... :) Couture collections always leave me in awe because of the astounding details. This collection's intricate beading and crystals are what make me long for all of his gowns. My wish is to have Elie Saab design my wedding dress, whenever that happens, because Mr. Saab is a man who knows how to design a remarkable gown.



  1. Hey Meg,

    Umm...don't know what to say. I can see them on my computer and everything seems to be fine. It's formatted the same way as the other pictures...maybe try a different browser?