Long hot Summer days.

Shirt:H&M($13), Shorts: Forever 21($), Oxfords:Kohl's($), Jewelry: Forever 21($4-6)

These Summer days are so wonderful but so very hot. It's been 100-102 degrees all week so being outside between the hours of 1 to 8 has been difficult. However, I haven't taken a photo shoot in so long so I forced myself to get out of the house. I admit not the best outfit, but I tried to wear as little as possible. :)



  1. i know what you mean, the hot weather makes everyone so tried, even blogging is hard XD you look great love that top :)


  2. I love the brown laced shoes! Its always hard to find cute shoes for these type of shorts (closed-toe anyway). Most of the time all you can wear are those ballet shoes. Amazing combination!