An evening stroll.

Jeans: BR($90), Top: Marshall's($12.99), Shoes: Steve Madden($40), Bag: Nine West Vintage($60), Necklace: New York street vendor($5), Cuff: Forever 21($5), Ring: Forever 21($4), Sunglasses: Prada($90 from Ross)

All three of us went to downtown Campbell this evening to get some gelato from Gelato Calissico. This place had amazing reviews and the honey-lavender and ginger were supposed to be the best. We tried those two as well as the crème brûlée and chocolate cruch - all very satisfying but would have to come back for the first two because no other place has those flavors. A didn't want anything, but she took a bite from each flavor and preferred the crème brûlée because it tasted like vanilla - that's her favorite flavor...I know right! :)


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  2. love your outfit so much :)