Now there's something here before me.

Top: Marshalls($12), Skirt: Vintage($24),Wedges: Michael Kors($36), Bag:Vintage, Bracelet: Forever 21($6), Ring: Forever 21($4)

I wanted to try a different location, so me and my little sis went scouring all over our little town to find one and we finally found this area on the outskirts of town. It was actually illegal to be hanging out in this area, but I felt rebellious and dared to defy the law. I really wished it wasn't so windy because my hair kept coming out and looking like crap in so many shots. All in all,  I really liked how the pictures came out and this place turned out to be successful! This week is going to be a little hectic because it's my birthday week! I am usually not enthusiastic about my birthday, but this year I feel the need to celebrate. :)


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  1. Normally, if I saw these four pieces in my closet (shoes, top, skirt, and purse), I would never think of putting them together. You should help people figure out how to make outfits out of the clothes they already have. Love love love!